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How Much Does It Cost to Have a Baby in Massachusetts?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have likely spent time considering all your options, including parenthood. You may have wondered, “Am I ready to become a parent?” and “Do I have the means to raise a child?” These are important questions to ask. Raising a child is a big commitment that requires at least 18 years of steady, financial support. If you are considering this path, you will want to be prepared for the costs and time commitments.

The average cost of having and raising a baby varies by state. It largely depends on the average costs of living and childcare. If you live in Massachusetts, a generally expensive part of the country to reside, the cost of having a baby is high. Knowing the costs now can help you think about and prepare for the future. It can also help you make the best possible decision for you and your child.

So, how much does it cost to have a baby in Massachusetts? Read on to find out.

The Cost of Having a Baby in Massachusetts

According to a recent report, Massachusetts is ranked as the most expensive state in which to have a baby. According to the report – conducted by Body Nest – giving birth to a baby in the Bay State costs $20,000 more than having a baby in Alabama, the least expensive state in which to have a baby. In Massachusetts, the total cost of welcoming a baby costs $34,689. This is significantly higher than most other states. In fact, the second-most expensive state in which to have a baby is California, with the total coming in at $29,695.

This report evaluated data from reputable sources, such as the CDC, Economic Policy Institute, and factored in applicable costs such as hospital fees, daycare, moving into a bigger space, and other expenses that come along with having a baby.

Of course, the costs of giving birth to a baby are only the beginning.

The Cost of Raising a Child in Massachusetts

It is no secret that raising a child can become expensive. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 – not including any college tuition – was about $233,610 as of 2015. With consideration for inflation over the past few years, that cost is estimated to be closer to $272,049 in total.

There are many factors that play into that cost of raising a child from birth to adulthood. Some of these include:

  • Housing/Basic Living Expenses. Whether you own or rent, you will need to consider your monthly cost of housing. In addition to the mortgage or monthly rent, there are also utility bills, entertainment expenses such as cable and internet, phone bills, and any renter’s or homeowner’s insurance required.
  • Childcare/Education. In order to support the financial needs of yourself and your child, you will need to consider childcare for the first several years of life. When you are working, who is caring for the baby? Massachusetts also ranks number one when it comes to the most expensive daycare services. In fact, infant care in the Bay State costs more than in-state tuition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and 30 percent more than average rent in the state. If you are looking for a sitter, you can expect to pay about $20,913 per year.

Other costly expenses when it comes to raising a child include:

  • Food/Baby formula
  • Clothing
  • Medical care
  • Diapers – Your baby needs between 6 and 12 diapers each day, possibly more in the early weeks. The American Academy of Pediatrics shares that families may spend close to $936 on disposable diapers in the first year(about $18 per week).

The costs of having a baby in Massachusetts can be overwhelming. As an expectant/birth mother, it is best to do your research and plan ahead in order to make the best possible decision for you and your baby. Planning ahead can involve talking to your family or significant other about childcare. It can also include saving your money, working extra hours, and looking into financial assistance programs. However, if you are not ready to raise a child, due to financial reasons or simply personal preferences, adoption is a positive alternative.

Adoption is an Option for You

If you are considering adoption, know that there is financial assistance available to expectant/birth mothers. At Adoptions With Love, we understand the emotional and financial stress that an unplanned pregnancy can cause. If you choose adoption, we will assist you with costs that relate to your pregnancy, childbirth, and recovery. Hospital bills and prenatal care can add up quickly. We can help cover these expenses, such as:

  • Electricity, AC, and other utilities
  • Food
  • General living expenses
  • Maternity clothing
  • Uninsured medical costs, or finding a doctor
  • Rent/mortgage
  • Transportation

It is okay to ask for help when you need it. If you are trying to figure out what to do with your unplanned pregnancy, just remember that you have options. You can find a supportive Massachusetts agency that can help you make an adoption plan that meets your needs. You do not have to take it all on yourself.

Having a baby is a life-changing experience. Whether you decide to raise the baby yourself, or place your baby for adoption, you can make a plan that works for you. Adoptions With Love will respect any decision you make. If you would like, we can help you create your adoption plan.

Reach out to us any time to ask questions about making the best adoption plan for you and your child. Reach out to us 24/7 at 800-722-7731, text us confidentially at 617-777-0072, or contact us online. We can help guide you through this journey every step of the way.

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