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About Our Massachusetts Adoption Agency

Adoptions With Love is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency in Massachusetts. We have been helping expectant/birth mothers and prospective adoptive families make adoption plans since 1986. It is our goal to make sure each baby is placed in a safe and loving home.  Adoptions With Love facilitates more adoptions in Massachusetts than any other local, private adoption agency.

In addition to matching children with loving families, Adoptions With Love works tirelessly to ensure expectant/birth mothers get the support they need – financially, medically, and emotionally. All the while, we help hopeful adoptive families fulfill their dreams of becoming parents.

Working with an Adoption Agency in Massachusetts

Whether you are expectant/birth mother or a hopeful adoptive parent, working with a licensed adoption agency is a very important step. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all parties considering adoption to work with a private, non-profit adoption agency that is licensed in Massachusetts or DCF. This ensures every adoption is both legal, safe, and secure.

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Massachusetts Adoption Agency Information

Whether you are looking to adopt or considering placing your baby for adoption in Massachusetts, you likely have many questions surrounding the process, the laws, and the adoption services in your state.

What is a Massachusetts Adoption Agency?

An adoption agency is an organization that helps pregnant women, expectant/birth parents, and families through the adoption journey. Adoption agencies provide education, emotional support, financial assistance, and other expert services throughout the adoption process.  Adoption agencies must be licensed to facilitate adoptions in their state.

Choosing to work with a licensed adoption agency in Massachusetts is required, as described above. However, choosing a reputable and experienced adoption agency in Massachusetts can make an incredible difference. It can provide you with peace of mind, comfort, education, and unbiased support.

There are various types of Massachusetts adoption agencies, each offering a wide range of services depending on your needs. These may include counseling, legal assistance, and adoption agreements.

Types of Adoption Agencies in Massachusetts

1. Private adoption agencies

Are you looking to adopt an infant? Or are you an expectant/birth parent looking to make an adoption plan for your baby? A private adoption agency will be the right type of organization for you.

In private adoption, an expectant/birth mother voluntarily places her baby for adoption. She has the power to choose the adoptive family for her baby and create an open adoption plan. She is fully supported throughout the process, and often benefits from long-term counseling, financial support, and legal guidance at every step of the way.

Private adoption agencies also support adoptive families in providing them with educational meetings, advertising and matching, legal support, and other services. For example, private adoption agencies offer home studies and background checks – typical requirements to be approved to adopt – which help ensure a family is stable and ready for a child.

Both expectant/birth mothers and prospective adoptive families like to work with private adoption agencies that guide them through the entire process. Adoptions With Love is a private adoption agency in MA and has been working with adoptive parents and expectant/birth parents since 1986. Reach out to the compassionate and caring staff 24/7 for assistance with your adoption.

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2. Foster care agencies

Foster care works a bit differently than private adoption. While it can be a wonderful path for adoptive parents to grow their families, it does present its own set of challenges.  Children in foster care are typically placed with a family after being removed from their home by the state.

While foster care is a path that leads many families to adoption, it can also present the possibility of a birth parent or another biological relative taking the child back into their care.  The goal of DCF is usually reunification.  Some foster care families experience loss after living and bonding with their foster child.

If you would like to learn more about foster care in Massachusetts, reach out to one of the following Massachusetts adoption and foster care agencies:

 3. International adoption agencies

If you are hoping to adopt a child from another country, you will want to explore an international adoption agency in Massachusetts. From the international applications to visa requirements, this type of organization can inform you of everything you need to know about international adoption.

Are you Pregnant and Considering Adoption?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, or have recently given birth, you may be considering adoption. Adoption offers many benefits to an expectant/birth mother and her child.

In making an adoption plan, you can provide a stable, healthy life for your child – one that is full of love and opportunity. You can also move forward to pursue your own passions and life goals after pregnancy, knowing that your child will be cared for in a loving, safe, and supportive home.

For those in Massachusetts, the adoption process begins with finding the right adoption agency. It is important to choose an adoption agency with which you feel comfortable. The right agency will be there to educate you on all your options, without pressure or judgement. This agency will listen to your wishes and your concerns and will be there to answer all of your questions. The right adoption agency will also support you in all stages of the adoption process, and help you make choices in the best interests of your baby.

Did you know that you can stay in touch with an adoptive family?

Although “giving my baby up for adoption” is a common phrase, adoption is NOT the same as “giving up.” Choosing adoption means making a plan for your baby’s life. As an expectant/birth mother, you get to make choices for your baby’s future. You can choose the parents to raise your child. You can meet them in person, if you wish, and even stay in touch with them over the years.

When working with an open adoption agency in Massachusetts, you will be given options. You may choose an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption plan. Both open and semi-open adoption enables you to stay in touch with the adoptive family over the years and receive updates on how your child is growing. This gives many birth mothers peace of mind.

All waiting families at Adoptions With Love agree to at least a semi-open adoption plan, which includes sending letters and photos over the years. This openness is beneficial for birth parents, adoptive families, and their children. In fact, 90 percent of children over the age of five report having positive feelings about their open adoption.

When can you place a baby for adoption in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, expectant/birth mothers can start making an adoption plan at any time during pregnancy, or even after birth.

However, Massachusetts law states that parents cannot sign any legal documents allowing an adoption until four (4) days after the baby’s birth. This allows birth parents to take the time they need to think. There is no rush or pressure to make a decision immediately. If the birth parents need more time to decide what is best for their child, Adoptions With Love will make sure that the baby is well taken care of in one of our temporary, licensed homes in MA.

Birth mothers can sign consent allowing the adoption. According to the Commonwealth, a birth parent’s consent forms are to be handled with privacy and confidentiality.

Once the legal documents are signed in Massachusetts, the decision is then considered final, as there is no revocation period in the state. That is why Adoptions With Love works closely with expectant/birth parents, making sure they are informed about their options and confident in their adoption plan, prior to signing the consents to the adoption.

What are the benefits of giving my baby up for adoption in MA?

There are many benefits of placing a baby for adoption.

Making an adoption plan can bring birth mothers peace of mind, knowing that their child is growing up in a safe, stable, and loving home. It also gives birth mothers the opportunity to work on their own lives and pursue both personal and professional dreams. Placing a baby for adoption in MA is completely free for expectant/birth mothers. In fact, the right adoption agency will provide financial support throughout the pregnancy and adoption process.

Adoption also has benefits for the child. Research shows that children who were adopted live in safe, non-violent, stable neighborhoods. These children are sung to, read to, and told stories to more often than children in the general population. Most children who were adopted have parents who are “very happy” together, which positively influences the child’s health and well-being.

By choosing adoption, you are not” giving up.” You are making a plan that puts your child’s needs and best interests first. Adoption, therefore, is a decision made with great love and thoughtfulness.

How can I find a family for my baby in MA?

You can find the right family to adopt your baby by working with a reliable and trustworthy adoption agency in Massachusetts. This professional should be fully licensed and have years of experience. The staff should be understanding of your needs and wishes for your baby. They will ask you questions, listen to what you are looking for in a family, and provide you with profiles of families hoping to adopt. They will help you find a family that is loving, stable, and ready to welcome a baby home.

The right adoption agency will also offer a full-range of services, including home studies and background checks of all waiting families, before approving them to adopt. This can help you feel confident that your baby will be placed in a safe and secure home.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, adoption agencies are required to complete safe and legal adoptions. This means the Home Study is a requirement, which is a several months-long process that involves thorough background checks, interviews, education and home visits.

This is the best way to pursue a successful adoption and find a safe, stable, and loving family for your baby. It is not safe to look for an adoptive family on the internet or social media such as Facebook or TikTok on your own. Always work with a licensed professional.

Why should I work with an adoption agency in Massachusetts?

For expectant/birth mothers considering adoption, it is never too late to call Adoptions With Love. We have close relationships with hospitals across Massachusetts and will have a social worker meet with you, even in the hospital. We can also meet you – wherever you are – to talk about your options and walk you through the adoption process in MA.

If needed, Adoptions With Love can help expectant/birth mothers with living and maternity-related expenses. Some adoption services available for women in Massachusetts include:

  • Free counseling (before, during, and after the adoption takes place)
  • Free legal services throughout the process
  • Financial assistance with utilities, phone, and maternity-related expenses
  • Housing assistance, if needed
  • Help finding and covering the costs of medical care

Other benefits of building a relationship with our Massachusetts adoption agency include:

  • Being able to choose open or closed adoption plans
  • Being able to trust our experience around legal and binding agreements
  • Being able to take your time in choosing the right family for your baby
  • Being able to maintain a lifelong connection and relationship with our agency and/or your adoptive family
  • Knowing that you will have our support and ongoing counseling post placement

If you would like to learn more about our adoption services for birth mothers, please call us at 800-722-7731 or complete our online form here.

Are you hoping to adopt a baby in Massachusetts?

If you wish to grow your family through adoption, you will also want to turn to an experienced, professional and licensed adoption agency in Massachusetts. Agency fees for adoptive families cover all the services for the adoptive parents and expectant mothers, including legal services to ensure your adoption goes through correctly, and that your rights as adoptive parents are protected.

You may have come to the decision to adopt for any number of reasons. You and your spouse (or you may be single) may have experienced infertility or are not able to have biological children. Maybe you have been touched by adoption in your own life, or feel adoption is the ideal way to grow your family. No matter what, know DNA does not make a family – it is love. We understand how important this life-changing decision is to you and your family. We take the utmost care to match you with your child.

Who can adopt in Massachusetts?

To adopt in Massachusetts, prospective parent(s) must be at least 18 years old and residents of Massachusetts. Both married couples and singles can adopt a child in MA. With an open adoption agency in Massachusetts, expectant/birth parents may select the adoptive family to raise their baby. Our expert professionals will help to ensure each child is matched with the best, loving adoptive family.

What are the Massachusetts adoption requirements?

All hopeful adoptive families in Massachusetts must complete a series of background checks including FBI fingerprint clearances, local criminal background checks, sexual offender register checks, and reviews of abuse and neglect towards children. The state also requires that families complete a home study, conducted by a licensed social worker. This complete home study ensures that the family is fully ready and able to raise a child for the next 18+ years. It ensures they are financially stable, healthy, and can offer a loving, supportive, and secure environment for a child to grow. In addition to the home study interviews, 10 hours of education are required by the Commonwealth of MA.

Adoptions With Love personally conducts these home studies and gets to know each of our families before approving them for adoption. If you would like to read more about the adoption requirements in Massachusetts, please click here.

How will I be matched with a birth mother?

Adoptions With Love works with expectant/birth mothers in Massachusetts and across the country, but places children with primarily with families that live in Massachusetts. This means there are many opportunities to match you with a baby.

When an expectant/birth mother contacts Adoptions With Love, she is given detailed profiles of hopeful adoptive parents. She can browse through these profiles, which share letters to the expectant/birth mom, background stories, photos, videos, and family stories. She can get an idea of the type of parents she would like to choose for her child. Your adoption professional can help you compile the perfect adoptive family profile once you begin your adoption journey.

After an expectant/birth mother chooses you, she may choose to speak with you on the phone or even meet in person. This may happen months before birth, or it may be in the hospital after she has given birth. Your adoption professional can help guide you through this process every step of the way.

How much does adoption cost in Massachusetts?

Adoptions fees will vary based on your state, as well as the adoption agency you choose.

There are two, basic approaches that private adoption agencies will take with fees. Some organizations offer one flat fee to cover everything, while others offer an a-la-carte pricing model, depending on the services needed. A flat fee is typically offered at full-service adoption agencies and covers all the services provided to your family as well as the expectant/birth mother.

Learn more about adoption fees in Massachusetts here.

Where Can You Find Adoption Support in Massachusetts?

If you are just starting the adoption process, the best place to turn is a full-service adoption agency with experience and an outstanding reputation in Massachusetts.

Whether you are looking to adopt or need to make an adoption plan for your baby, you can – and should – find the support you deserve throughout this journey. You should look for an agency that offers personalized and compassionate adoption services, and that is dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

If you are a hopeful adoptive family, look for an adoption agency that can offer the following services:

  • Complete home study, which is required in Massachusetts
  • Comprehensive marketing and matching with expectant/birth parents
  • Full legal services, including termination of birth father’s rights
  • ICPC and adoption finalization services
  • Pre-adoptive educational seminars to prepare for your baby’s arrival
  • Post-adoption education and counseling for you and your child
  • Post-placement letter and picture program for years after the adoption

Whether you live in Newton, Cambridge, Boston, Worcester, or Western Massachusetts, you can find a Massachusetts adoption agency that can help you grow your family.

If you are an expectant/birth mother, look for an adoption agency in Massachusetts that can offer you supportive services, as well – all free of charge:

  • Financial assistance with rent, utilities, phone, food, maternity clothing, and other necessities, as needed.
  • Transportation
  • Counseling services, before and after birth
  • Assistance custom-designing an adoption plan that meets your needs
  • Medical care
  • Legal representation

Adoption is a complex, emotional journey. You can find a supportive adoption agency in Massachusetts that will help guide you along and make the process as smooth as possible.

For more information about making an adoption plan or adopting a child in Massachusetts, please call us toll-free at 800-722-7731 or complete our online form here.

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