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Adoption is an emotional decision, one that expectant/birth mothers should not make alone. Whether you are pregnant and considering adoption, or have already given birth, Adoptions With Love is here for you. Our team of counselors is available to offer you emotional support at any time of day, during your pregnancy, at the hospital, and after your baby is born.

Since 1986, Adoptions With Love has been helping expectant/birth mothers in Massachusetts make loving and thoughtful adoption plans. Our non-profit agency works tirelessly to make sure each baby is placed in a safe and loving home. We are here to ensure that you get the support you need – financially, medically, and emotionally – as you make this brave and selfless decision for your baby.

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption in Massachusetts, you likely have many questions surrounding the process, the laws, and the adoption services in your state.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires expectant/birth parents making an adoption plan, as well as prospective adoptive parents, to work with a non-profit adoption agency in Massachusetts, licensed by the Commonwealth. This ensures your adoption is both legal and safe.

Adoptions With Love is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency specializing in domestic adoptions in Massachusetts and across the United States. Here in our home state of Massachusetts, our highly trained and experienced social workers help pregnant women, birth parents, and adoptive families navigate the journey that is adoption. We provide sensitive, caring and confidential services to all.

As an open adoption agency in Massachusetts, we give expectant/birth parents the opportunity to choose an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption plan. Each expectant/birth mother can also select the family for her child. All waiting families at Adoptions With Love are open to at least a semi-open adoption plan, which includes sending letters and photos over the years.

Who Can Adopt in Massachusetts?

In order to adopt in Massachusetts, prospective parent(s) must be at least 18 years old and residents of Massachusetts. Both married couples and single people can adopt a child in MA. With an open adoption agency in Massachusetts, expectant/birth parents may select the adoptive family to raise their baby.

All hopeful adoptive families in Massachusetts must complete a series of background checks including:  FBI fingerprint clearances, local criminal background check, sexual offender register check and abuse and neglect towards children.   The state also requires that families complete a home study, which is carried out by a licensed social worker. This home study ensures that the family is fully ready and able to raise a child for the next 18+ years. It ensures they are financially stable, healthy, and can offer a loving, supportive, and secure environment for a child to grow. Adoptions With Love personally conducts these home studies, and gets to know each of our families before approving them for adoption.

When Can You Place a Baby for Adoption in MA?

In Massachusetts, you can start making an adoption plan at any time during your pregnancy, or even after birth. However, Massachusetts laws state that parents cannot sign any legal documents allowing an adoption until four (4) days after the baby’s birth. This allows birth parents to take the time they need. There is no rush or pressure to make a decision right away. If the birth parents need more time to decide what is best for their child, Adoptions With Love will make sure that the baby is well taken care of in one of our temporary, licensed homes.

If you are not married, you (as the birth mother) may be the sole person to sign consent allowing the adoption. According to the Commonwealth, a birth parent’s consent forms are to be handled with privacy and confidentiality.

Once the legal documents are signed in Massachusetts, the birth parents cannot change their minds, as there is no revocation period in the state. That is why we want the women and men working with us to make certain that adoption is the best decision for their child and for them, prior to finalizing the decision.

Trusted Massachusetts Adoption Agency

It is never too late to call Adoptions With Love. We work with women who have just discovered they are pregnant and with women who have already given birth. We have close relationships with hospitals across Massachusetts and will have a social worker meet with you in the hospital. We can also meet you – wherever you are – to talk about your options and walk you through the adoption process in MA.

If needed, Adoptions With Love can help you with living and maternity-related expenses. The benefits of building a relationship with our Massachusetts adoption agency include:

  • Being able to choose open or closed adoption plans
  • Being able to trust our experience around legal and binding agreements
  • Being able to take your time in choosing the right family for your baby
  • Being able to maintain a lifelong connection and relationship with our agency and/or your adoptive family
  • Knowing that you will have our support and ongoing counseling post placement

For more information about making an adoption plan in Massachusetts, please contact us today.

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