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How to Place Your Baby for Adoption in Wyoming

Are you pregnant and considering adoption?  Discovering an unplanned pregnancy is an emotional, overwhelming time for many young women.  Right now, you may not know where you can go for help, who to call for support, or how to start the adoption process.  Know that you are not alone.  If you are an expectant mother in Wyoming, Adoptions With Love is here for you.

Adoptions With Love is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency helping expectant/birth parents nationwide find the best possible homes for their children.  For over 30 years, we have been building relationships with expert adoption counselors and attorneys licensed in your state.  If you need help placing your baby for adoption in Wyoming, know that you can always contact us.  We partner with experienced counselors and trusted Wyoming adoption attorneys who can help you explore your options, understand the adoption laws in your area, and design a plan that is tailored to your needs.

Before starting your adoption plan, it is important to do your research.  There are specific steps you will need to take to place your baby for adoption in Wyoming.  As a reputable adoption agency serving Wyoming for over 30 years, Adoptions With Love can guide you through this journey.  We are here to listen and answer questions, educate you on the adoption process, and ensure you are comfortable with each decision made along the way.  To help get you started, we have created this short guide to show you some of the steps to making an adoption plan in the state of Wyoming.

1. Choose an adoption agency that serves Wyoming.

Your first step in making an adoption plan will be to choose the right adoption support to guide you through this unexpected journey.  There are many adoption professionals that work in the state of Wyoming, but it is important to find someone that you truly trust, someone that will listen to your wishes and help you design an adoption plan that meets your expectations.  You should also choose an adoption agency that is willing to discuss all of your options with you and that will respect any choice you make for your child.  Most of all, select an agency that is available 24/7, that will stand by your side not only as you prepare for the adoption, but also after the placement and throughout your life.

2. Meet with a qualified adoption counselor at your agency of choice.

Once you choose an adoption agency, you will work directly with one of its trained staff members on creating an adoption plan.  Meeting with this licensed, compassionate adoption social worker is beneficial for several reasons.  On one hand, these meetings will give you the opportunity to think about all of your options, learn about all of your birth mother rights, and understand exactly what to expect before, during, and after an adoption takes place.  Your adoption counselor will also give you the choice to design a custom adoption plan: in an open adoption agency like Adoptions With Love, you can choose between an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption plan.  You can also select the family of your child if you wish.

3. Choose an adoptive family.

As an expectant/birth parent in Wyoming, you will be given the opportunity to choose an adoptive family for your baby.  Adoptions With Love will listen to your wishes and help you think about the perfect family for your child.  Then, we will present you detailed photo albums, personal profiles, and letters from the waiting families that best meet your desires.  Once you choose an adoptive family, you can speak to them through email, phone, or meet them in-person.  This is completely up to you.

No matter which family you choose, rest assured you will be placing your baby in a loving, safe and stable home.  In Wyoming, it is required that all potential adoptive families are thoroughly screened by a licensed adoption agency.  All families at Adoptions With Love have gone through an extensive home study process as well as a series of background checks to ensure they are ready to raise a child.

4. Understand the adoption laws in Wyoming.

Adoption laws and regulations vary state to state.  It is essential to select an adoption agency who works with knowledgeable attorneys trained in the adoption laws of Wyoming.

In Wyoming, no parent can sign legal adoption documents until after the baby is born.  This law is designed to give expectant/birth parents time to think about their decision, and ensure that they are one-hundred percent confident in their choice.  Once the adoption documents are signed, birth parents cannot change their minds.

There are many other laws about the financial aid you may receive, your rights and responsibilities as an expectant/birth mother, as well as the rights of your baby’s biological father.  For this reason, it is crucial to work with an adoption agency that has attorneys specifically trained in your state.  If you choose to work with Adoptions With Love, our adoption attorneys in Wyoming can help guide you through the legal process.  There is never any charge for our attorneys, counselors, or expectant/birth mother services at our agency.  In fact, we can help you with pregnancy-related expenses such as rent payments, transportation, utility bills, and maternity clothing.

5. Make a Post-Placement Plan

Adoption is a lifelong journey; it does not end with the placement of your child and it does not need to end your relationship with your child.  If you choose to make an adoption plan with Adoptions With Love, you will have the option to create a plan for ongoing, open contact with your child’s adoptive family.  You can do this through an open adoption or semi-open adoption plan.  If you are not ready to keep in touch with your child and his or her adoptive family, you may also choose to make a closed adoption plan.  Our trained social workers will help you as you consider all of your options for post-adoption contact with your child, his or her adoptive family, as well as our agency professionals.

Adoption is an emotional journey.  If you choose adoption, we encourage you to pursue ongoing counseling and support services.  At Adoptions With Love, you can receive confidential, post-placement counseling services at no cost.  We can help you navigate emotions, open communication, and a relationship with your child after the adoption takes place.  We will always be here for you.

Whether you just found out you are pregnant, are in your final trimester, or have just given birth to your baby, you can always contact us.  Call toll-free at 1-800-722-7731 or text us confidentially at 617-777-0072 for more information on adoption in Wyoming.

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