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Foster Care vs. Private Adoption in Wyoming

Making an adoption plan for your child is never an easy decision. It is one that requires great strength, love, and devotion. It is also a positive choice that gives you and your child a lifetime of opportunity. Private adoption in Wyoming is a thoughtful choice. What about foster care in Wyoming? If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be wondering what the difference is between foster care and private adoption. Read on, as we break down the key differences and share information on how to place your baby for adoption in Wyoming.

Foster Care in Wyoming

Foster care is a service provided by the states to protect children who cannot live with their biological parents. Foster care in Wyoming is a system designed for children at risk of neglect, abuse, and/or extreme poverty.

If a child is placed in foster care, it is because a court has deemed their home life unacceptable or unsafe. The birth parents’ rights are revoked, at least temporarily, and the child is placed in a temporary home. Foster care is not a choice made by an expectant/birth mother.

If you are considering making an adoption plan for your child, ensuring they are raised in a healthy, loving home, then foster care in Wyoming is not the path for you. Read on to learn about the other type of adoption you may consider.

Private Adoption in Wyoming

The other type of adoption that is used within the U.S. is known as private adoption. Private adoption is typically overseen by a private organization that handles the entire adoption process. A full-service, private adoption agency in Wyoming, such as Adoptions With Love, can handle every step of the adoption journey. From counseling and adoption planning to legal paperwork and hospital bills, Adoptions With Love can help make your child’s adoption a smooth and safe experience.

Unlike foster care, private adoption is a voluntary choice made by the expectant/birth parent(s). Private adoption in Wyoming offers expectant/birth parents in the Cowboy State a chance to make a thoughtful, loving plan for their child. Anyone who chooses adoption for their child can avoid using the state’s welfare system entirely. With private adoption, your child will not go into a foster care home or facility. Your child would, in fact, go to an adoptive family of your choosing. With private adoption, the expectant/birth parent has the power to choose the adoptive parent(s). This gives many expectant/birth parents peace of mind, knowing their child is going to a safe, stable, and loving home.

You can also rest assured that your child is going to a healthy home environment thanks to the Home Study. At Adoptions With Love, every prospective adoptive family must complete the Home Study. This several month-long process includes multiple home visits and interviews, thorough background checks and screenings, and the review of personal, medical, and financial documents. With the help of a Home Study, your adoption agency can ensure that every adopted child is placed in a safe and healthy family.

Choosing Adoption in Wyoming

If you are considering adoption for your child, you may be overwhelmed. You may be feeling scared, stressed, and all alone. The good news: You are not alone. You do not have to face this pregnancy – or the decisions surrounding your pregnancy – on your own. You can lean on a reputable, trustworthy adoption agency for guidance. Contacting an adoption agency in Wyoming means getting access to the information you need. At Adoptions With Love, no expectant/birth parents are pressured into making an adoption plan. You are never obligated to carry through your adoption decision until after the baby is born, you review your decision and sign legal papers allowing the adoption. You can reach out to an adoption specialist without the fear of being pressured, judged, or criticized. This is your pregnancy and your body. At Adoptions With Love, we believe that every person has the right to make the decisions that best meet their needs.

If you would like to learn more about private adoption in Wyoming, contact Adoptions With Love today. We can listen to you and help guide you through the adoption journey, supporting you and respecting your decisions every step of the way. Call us 24/7 at 800-722-7731, text us confidentially at 617-777-0072, or contact us online.