Your Guide to Adoption Agencies in Virginia

Finding Virginia adoption services for expectant/birth mothers

Are you living in Virginia and considering adoption for your baby? Right now, you may be feeling overwhelmed or confused about what to do next. It is important to know that you have many options. The best thing you can do right now, whether you are pregnant or have just given birth, is to educate yourself about all the options, including the adoption process, in Virginia. This will help you make the most informed decision for yourself and for your baby.

No matter what you choose, adoption or another pathway, an adoption agency can be a very helpful resource throughout your journey. An adoption agency can educate you about your options, help you weigh the possibilities, and support you as you make this decision. You do not have to go through this alone.

In this guide, we will share what you need to know about finding a Virginia adoption agency.

What are the Types of Adoption Agencies in Virginia?

As an expectant/birth mother, choosing the right adoption agency is an important step. No matter what Virginia adoption agency you choose, you should feel comfortable with the organization. This group will work with you as you work through this decision and potentially make an adoption plan for future.

It can be hard to know which type of adoption agency is best. To help make the search a little easier, we have created an outline and description of each type below.

Private Adoption Agencies in Virginia

If you are looking to place your baby for adoption, and have the option to plan for your baby’s life, you should work with a private, domestic adoption agency. With this type of adoption agency, a birth mother voluntarily places her baby for adoption – and, typically, with a family of her choosing.

Depending on your needs, you can reach out to a national adoption agency, a local adoption agency, or a faith-based agency (such as Christian) to begin the adoption process. While there are pros and cons for each, you will want to learn about the individual adoption agency you are considering before making your decision. You will want to choose an agency that can offer personalized care and attention, as well as emotional support, financial assistance, and unbiased counseling throughout the adoption process.

Foster Care Agencies in Virginia

There are thousands of children living in Virginia’s foster care system that are hoping to find a forever family. Typically, these children are not placed in foster care voluntarily, but rather because their families are in crisis. As a result, children waiting for adoption in foster care are typically older and not newborn babies.

Foster care can be a great path for hopeful adoptive families. For expectant/birth parents, however, foster care is typically the result of a child being removed from their home, due to circumstances like abuse, neglect, or other unsafe conditions.

The Benefits of Working with an Adoption Agency in Virginia

Facing an unplanned pregnancy – and making the decision to place your baby for adoption – is difficult. It can be made easier, however, with the help and support of a compassionate, private adoption agency in Virginia. The right agency will help you handle every part of the adoption process, with the respect and dignity you deserve.

At Adoptions With Love, all services for expectant/birth mothers in Virginia are completely free of charge. We offer comprehensive counseling services before and after birth. Our legal adoption services are always free of charge. Additionally, we can help you design an adoption plan that takes into account all of your needs and wishes for your baby.

When you choose adoption, uninsured medical care is also covered. Whether you need help finding a doctor, or you do not have health insurance to cover prenatal appointments, you can rest assured that these costs are taken care of when you choose to work with a private agency like Adoptions With Love. Our team will also assist with other financial needs, as well, that relate to the pregnancy, such as rent, utility bills, and even maternity clothes.

Choosing to work with an adoption agency also means having the peace of mind that you are setting your child up with a safe, loving and stable adoptive family. You can browse the many profiles of hopeful adoptive parents who are ready to raise and love a child. You can select the perfect parents for your child, and feel comforted in knowing that your baby will be placed in a safe, stable, and loving home.

The Benefits of Choosing Adoption for Your Baby

There are many benefits of choosing adoption – for both birth mother and baby. Nearly all children who were adopted have positive feelings about their adoption. According to the statistics, adopted children are more likely to be read to every day, sung to or told stories every day, and have dinner together as a family most nights of the week. These children are also less likely to live below the poverty line. You can rest assured that your child will be given a happy life that is full of opportunities and success. This can be a benefit for you, the birth parent. Adoption offers birth parents a way to move forward with their own lives, working toward personal and professional goals, while knowing their child is safe and loved. You can also build a relationship with your child, if you choose, down the road, thanks to open adoption.

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The Virginia Adoption Process

Our expert team is by your side as you navigate this adoption journey. Making an adoption plan that you are comfortable with is our top priority. We will discuss all of your options with you, answer any questions, and help you choose what is best for you and your baby.

If you choose to work with our adoption agency in Virginia, we will help you:

Choose the right family for your baby.

With an open adoption agency, you have the power to decide who will raise your baby. Many expectant/birth mothers take comfort in knowing they can hand-select an already screened and prepared adoptive family for their child. If you would like to make this important decision, we will provide you with photo albums of our families who are ready for adoption. YOU can choose a family that you feel will provide the best home for your child. Talk about empowerment. You can meet the family in person, too.

Decide on an open or closed adoption.

Adoptions With Love gives expectant/birth parents the choice to choose an open, semi-open, or closed adoption plan in Virginia. Most birth parents today opt for an open adoption. Open adoption in Virginia means that there is some form of ongoing communication between birth parents and adoptive families. The form and frequency of communication is agreed upon before the adoption is finalized. Your social worker can sit with you to determine which type of plan will work best for you, and they will also work it out with the prospective adoptive parents to reach an agreement. You are not bound to the type of adoption you choose. If you decide to have a closed adoption, you can open it at a later date. Adoptions With Love keeps regularly updated photos and letters from the adoptive family on file. This flexibility gives many of our expectant/birth parents a feeling of security that is especially welcome during this emotional time.

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Virginia Adoption Services for Expectant/Birth Mothers

If you live in Virginia and choose to work with Adoptions With Love, we will assist you before, during, and after the birth of your baby. There are never any fees that you need to pay. Adoptions With Love is able to assist expectant/birth mothers with numerous maternity related expenses and adoption services in Virginia, such as:

  • Counseling
  • Rent
  • Maternity clothes
  • Transportation
  • Legal support
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Other Living Expenses; please contact us for more details.
  • Ensure medical security: If you do not have a doctor, we can help you find the care you and your baby deserve.

You will not be alone in this process. We will make sure that you receive all the information necessary to make this journey as comfortable as possible.

The decision to place your child for adoption is not an easy one. Our Virginia adoption social workers will never pressure you into a decision and will respect any choice that you make. We offer our full support and guidance as you consider this loving option for your child. Our counseling services, discuss your pregnancy and adoption plans without bias or judgment. Often when you discuss these issues with family, their own feelings and pressure can interfere with your ability to make the choice you want.

What You Need to Know About Adoption in Virginia (FAQ)

What are the adoption laws for expectant/birth parents in Virginia?

We understand that the adoption process can be confusing and sometimes daunting. State laws around adoption vary. If you feel overwhelmed, Adoptions With Love can help. Our adoption attorneys and agency partners are expertly trained on the adoption laws in Virginia. If you choose to work with us, you can relax knowing that our experienced team is available to provide in-person support and legal assistance every step of the way.

Not only do our compassionate professionals deliver emotional guidance and support, but also are trained with the knowledge and expertise of Virginia adoption laws. You and your baby are important to us and our professionals will work with you to fulfill all of Virginia’s adoption requirements, such as signing legal documents after your baby’s birth. Our team will do all that is necessary to make sure that your adoption is safe, legal, and comfortable every step of the way.

Do I need to work with a Virginia adoption agency?

When you are an expectant/birth mother considering adoption, finding the best Virginia adoption agencies should be your first step. There are plenty of adoption agencies that are available to assist you, so it is important to choose one you can trust. The right agency will never pressure you to choose adoption, even if you change your mind during pregnancy or after giving birth.

Does it cost money to place a baby for adoption in Virginia?

No, it is free to make an adoption plan. Further, you can receive financial support. Some Virginia adoption agencies will offer you financial assistance on top of emotional support. At Adoptions With Love, we can cover a deposit and several months of rent, utility bills, phone bills, medical costs related to the pregnancy, birth and recovery, and even maternity clothes when you choose adoption.

What is the adoption process like In Virginia?

Adoption is a life-changing journey. We can help walk you through placing your baby for adoption in Virginia and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Are adoptive families screened before being approved to adopt?

Yes. Every prospective adoptive family must undergo a thorough screening process called the Home Study. This several months-long process includes multiple home visits, interviews, and the examination of legal documents, including medical history and financial records. This ensures an adoption agency that every child is going to a safe, stable, and healthy home.

What types of adoption can I choose from in Virginia?

There are three types of adoption plans to make when considering this path: open, semi-open, and closed. The choice is entirely yours to make.

Most adoptions today are open. This means there is some relationship or communication between birth and adoptive families. The form and frequency of contact can be determined by you, the expectant/birth parent.

If you would like to choose – and, perhaps, meet – your child’s adoptive family, but would like limited communication after giving birth, you may want to explore a semi-open adoption plan.

Some expectant/birth mothers choose to make a closed adoption. This means that no identifying information is revealed between the two families, and you can stay anonymous. You do not have to choose a family for your baby or maintain contact, if you are not ready.

Adoptions With Love makes binding contracts outlining contact between birth and adoptive parents, but the terms of the open adoption may evolve over the years to accommodate a growing child. If you make a closed adoption plan, Adoptions With Love will continue to keep photos and letters on file, should you change your mind down the road.  You also have the option of opening up communication when you are ready.

Can I choose adoption after giving birth in Virginia?

Yes. It is never too late to make an adoption plan. Adoptions With Love has a team of dedicated professionals that can meet you in your hospital room, or at your home, to help you make an adoption plan that meets your needs.

How to Choose an Adoption Agency in Virginia

Placing your child for adoption is one of the most selfless and loving decisions you will make in your lifetime. Making an adoption plan for your baby is also the most difficult and emotional decision you will make in your life. It means you are putting your child’s needs before your own, to ensure they live a wonderful life.

Ultimately, you will want to find the Virginia adoption agency that is best for you. Everyone is different. You may be looking for an adoption agency that is small enough to give you the personal attention and guidance to help you feel comfortable with your decision. You may be looking for an experienced adoption agency that has been working with expectant/birth mothers for many decades. You may simply want an adoption agency that will listen to you and support you in times of need. Think about what is important to you and remember this in your journey. The best adoption agency in Virginia will be able to meet your needs, will support you as an expectant/birth mother, and will also have experience in local adoptions.

A Loving Adoption Agency Serving Virginia

At Adoptions With Love, we are ready to work with you in every step of the way. Our trusted Virginia adoption agency is here for you, 24/7 and all our conversations will be completely confidential. Contact us at any stage of your pregnancy and we will take care of you. Whether you are in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Arlington or anywhere in between, we can meet you at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Adoption is a positive and brave act. We have the resources, experts, and love necessary to help you navigate your journey now AND in the future.

Adoptions With Love has been serving expectant/birth parents in Virginia for over 36 years. Contact us by text message at 617-777-0072, by phone at 1-800-722-7731, or online here. Our staff is here to answer your call any time of day or night, any day of the week.

Since 1986, Adoptions With Love has been matching expectant parents facing an unplanned pregnancy with loving and devoted adoptive families."

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