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Benefits of Adoption for Adoptees

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you may be feeling uncertain of the future. Like many expectant/birth mothers in this situation, you may wonder what your child will think of you. Perhaps you worry if he or she will be happy with an adoptive family. These are all normal concerns and questions. The good news, however, is that you do not need to worry.

Research shows that the majority of adopted children grow up in safe, stable homes with great love, support, and opportunity. There are numerous benefits of adoption for children. The fact that you are considering adoption means that you are thoughtfully planning to ensure your child will have a loving and plentiful life. Here, we will explore some of the benefits of adoption for adoptees.

Adoption is typically a very positive experience for children. More than 80 percent of adopted children have a warm and close relationship with their adoptive parents. Ninety percent of adopted children over the age of five have positive or mostly positive feelings about their adoption. Adopted children are more likely to have enriching experiences in their families than most children in the general population. In fact, studies show that they are more likely to be:

  • Read to every day
  • Sung or told stories every day
  • Participate in extracurricular activities

Another heartwarming statistic for you to consider is that over 50 percent of adopted children eat dinner with their families at least six nights a week. Why is that so important? Children who have regular dinners are at a lower risk of substance abuse. Those nightly dinners could be a great sign of the stability of the family who has adopted your child. This is big, since you want to know that your child is being raised by a wonderful set of parents. Most adopted children live with two parents. Nine out of ten of these children have parents who are “very happy” together. The relationship between the adoptive parents can strongly influence a child’s well-being. In fact, positive relationships between parents also lead to a lower risk of behavioral problems in children. On average, children in two-parent homes also:

  • Earn higher academic achievement
  • Maintain healthy and stable romantic relationships as adults
  • Spend more time with their family

Adoption can also benefit a child’s health, safety, and overall well-being. A reported 85 percent of adopted children are in excellent or very good health. Only a small minority of adopted children have ever been diagnosed with disorders like attachment disorder, attention deficit disorder, a behavioral/conduct disorder, or depression.

The adopted child’s home is a safe-haven, as well, with three out of four adopted children living in safe, non-violent, well-off neighborhoods. A 2007 report conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that adopted children were less likely to live below the poverty line.

One of the greatest benefits of adoption for adoptees may be having two sets of families to love. While you may worry what your child will think of you later on, the fact of the matter is, s/he is probably going to love you and appreciate the incredibly selfless decision you made. You will be the reason s/he has this amazing adoptive family, and all the opportunities that came with it. Today, most adoptions are open adoptions, meaning the communication between birth and adoptive families is ongoing.

Studies show that adoptees who are happiest when they have contact with their birth parents, and feel secure in knowing that they are loved by both their birth and adoptive families. Of course, when it comes to love in a child’s life – the more, the merrier! There are numerous positive effects of adoption on children. The most important one, however, may be the love they can receive from their birth and adoptive families – both in childhood and adulthood.

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