The Benefits of Adoption

Adoption is a positive choice that has changed many lives around the world. According to adoption research, more than 100 million Americans (about a third of the U.S. population!) have been touched by adoption in some way. Whether neighbors or ... READ MORE

Successful Open Adoption

Most people know that when a woman chooses to place her baby for adoption, it is a decision made with great love and consideration. Most people know it is a brave and selfless sacrifice made in the best interest of ... READ MORE

Social Media Use Among Adoption Triad

The Internet is changing the adoption landscape as we know it. Social media is transforming the adoption search. Open adoption is evolving in the face of Facebook and other social networking websites. Online connections between birth parents, adoptive families, and ... READ MORE

Parenting Reality Checklist

Perhaps the most important thing to know about facing an unplanned pregnancy is that you have choices. In this moment, you may be asking yourself, “Should I place my baby for adoption or parent my child?” As you contemplate your ... READ MORE

Massachusetts Adoption Process

Adoption is an incredible way to grow a family. It is a path taken with great compassion, consideration, hope, and strength. When you make the choice to adopt, you are making the choice to provide safety, stability, and love for ... READ MORE

Guide to Open Adoption

Adoptions With Love has been helping expectant/birth mothers and adoptive families design thoughtful and loving adoption plans for almost 30 years. Throughout our history, we have seen adoption evolve significantly. For many years, most adopted children had limited information about ... READ MORE

Explaining Adoption to Your Child

Talking about adoption with your child is a crucial part of being an adoptive parent. Adoption is an essential piece of your child’s identity and a story that must be told time and time again. If you have recently adopted, ... READ MORE