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Who are Adoptive Families?

“It’s been nearly 4 1/2 years since I first laid eyes on my daughter, and yet, to this day, not a day goes by when I’m not overwhelmed with gratitude that the world aligned itself to bring her into my life and family.” – Ella’s parents

Adoption is the most precious gift in life. It is an inspiring and selfless act in which a birthparent can provide their child with a secure life full of countless opportunities.  You will also be sharing another beautiful part of our world with your baby: love.

As with any other families, adoptive families all differ in their make-up. They uphold different values, faiths, parenting philosophies, and reasons behind their desire to adopt in the first place. Despite these differences, one affinity binds these families. All of their motivations to parent are built on a foundation of love.

Most commonly, families choose adoption in hopes of providing a permanent home for a child. This motivation stems partly from the wish to become a parent, but more deeply from an unconditional love for children. While adoption is certainly a mutual blessing, the primary aim of many adoptive families is to put the child’s well-being before their own. These families strive to provide stability, support, and complete devotion. Most of all, they honor the lifetime commitment of nurturing a child.

The goal of adoptive parents is to build or expand their family, and adoption offers them this opportunity. It presents them with the gift of becoming parents when doing so would otherwise seem impossible. Many prospective parents today are faced with the grief of not being able to conceive a child. In fact, 1 in 6 couples are diagnosed with infertility each year. Some may have had a successful pregnancy in the past, but are unable to conceive again. Some may have never even had a chance at starting a family.  For many, raising a child means fulfillment in life. Adoption unlocks the door of opportunity for families seeking that fulfillment in the heart of a child.

The adoptive families at Adoptions With Love have come to us with open arms, fully ready to commit to a child for life. They are not here because of convenience, and wholly respect that the heartfelt decision of an expectant/birthparent can take time. As a result, we make it a priority to get to know these prospective families individually, over a several month period.

In addition to securing background checks, FBI screenings, examining medical records, abuse and neglect clearances, and confirming financial stability, Adoptions With Love conducts home studies before approving an adoptive family. A home study is an ongoing conversation, or series of meetings, between an agency social worker and the prospective family. An approved home study ensures that the family is ready to parent through adoption, and bring a baby into their home. In addition, these meetings prepare the family for their parenting experience, and answer any questions before their journey begins. Home studies are a huge part of the adoption process: we learn about who these families are, what they are looking for, and how they will care for a child.

As an experienced, private, non-profit adoption agency, we aim to develop relationships with each and every one of our adoptive families. If you wish, you can meet our families. At Adoptions With Love, you have the option of choosing the adoptive parents for your baby. They have prepared extensive profile books, photo albums, and written personal letters to you and for you, so that you can learn about them and their home. If you desire, we can help you arrange continued contact with them and your child long after placement occurs either through our letter and picture program or through other types of ongoing communication or meetings. If you prefer limited contact, you can leave that all to us… It is your choice!

Ultimately, adoption is a gift for everyone who is involved.  By giving someone the joy of parenting, you are offering them hope, and granting yourself the gift of realizing your own personal goals and providing your child with opportunities that you feel you cannot give to him/her at this point in your life. It is a beautiful act; it is an act of love and courage.