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Ten Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency

The decision to place your child for adoption requires a great amount of strength, courage, and most of all, love.  If and when you choose adoption as that right next step, feel comforted in knowing that you are giving your child a secure and wondrous future, filled with infinite opportunities. The book is now open, the pages are waiting to be filled, and remember, your child’s story begins with you. Who will help you write the first chapter?

An adoption agency is the binding of this book; we can help you create a plan for your child before, during, and after birth. We work full-time, 24/7, with pregnant women and prospective families in order to find the best possible family for your baby. This will be a family in which your child can grow and thrive.

Choosing an adoption agency is a decision that is as equally as important as choosing a reputable doctor. You should use the best professional to help you with this important decision. There are thousands of potential agencies out there, some local and others at the click of a button.  How do you choose which is the right one for you and your child?  It is a decision that should be made with a lot of trust and research. Asking all of the right questions is important:

Is this adoption agency licensed? If you choose to plan your adoption through an agency, always choose one that is both reputable and licensed. A licensed agency is specifically required to follow state adoption standards (in training, education, and expertise), and will provide an extensive amount of services throughout the entire process of adoption, even after the birth of your baby.

How long have they been in existence? We truly believe that, in choosing an agency, you should look for highly experienced professionals who can provide you with their ethics, their background, and their qualifications.  At Adoptions With Love, we have been assisting families for over 28 years, and have thoughtfully placed over 1,800 children in loving homes. Adoptions With Love works all over the United States.

Is this agency a non-profit organization? There are many adoption agencies out there. Some agencies have a mission of generating profits, while others aim to truly build loving families.  Therefore, it is extremely important to do your research, but to also follow your heart. A non-profit adoption agency is a social service agency, and the right one will fully commit to you and to your child. It is not a decision that should be rushed or impersonal. Keep your own comfort level in mind, and find an agency that truly cares about your own unique situation.

What kind of support will be offered to you as an expectant/ birthparent? An adoption agency should always offer you a variety of support services; up until placement, and long after the adoption has been finalized. Adoptions With Love, for example, offers counseling services with trained professionals, legal assistance with experienced adoption lawyers, medical care, and financial assistance. Most importantly, Adoptions With Love stays in touch with birthparents over the years through their letter and picture program and by helping to facilitate meetings and reunions. The relationship does not end when you place your baby with a loving family.

What kind of financial assistance will this agency provide? When working with an adoption agency, you should never feel as though certain resources are unavailable or out of reach. Whether it is counseling that you need, food, rent and utility payments, medical attention, or maternity clothing, we will do our best to help you.

Does the agency work with attorneys who are knowledgeable of your local adoption laws? It is important to find an adoption agency who understands your rights as an expectant/birth parent upfront. We have always made it a priority to work with experienced lawyers who specialize in adoption and who protect the rights of expectant/birthparents.

How does this agency screen its families? An adoption agency’s goal should be to find the best possible family for your child. Our adoptive families undergo FBI background checks, state criminal records checks, child abuse and neglect checks, sexual offender checks, as well as medical and financial screenings. We require letters of reference, and a detailed home study process to ensure the safety and security of your child. At Adoptions With Love, we take the time to visit each home and get to know our families one-on-one, over a lengthy, several month long process.

Does the agency support both open and closed adoptions? We understand that no two people are alike. Every situation is different and we will support you in whichever path of adoption you wish to choose. If you wish to make the important choice of who the adoptive parents will be, we provide you with extensive profile books and letters written by the prospective adoptive parents so you can learn a lot about them. If you choose an open adoption, we will help you design the adoption plan that works best for you. However, some expectant parents would rather leave the choice of family to the experienced adoption professionals. It is your decision.

Does the agency take a lifelong interest in you and your baby? An adoption agency should be committed to both you and your child for the long run. At Adoptions with Love, we encourage you to contact us at any time, any day, and after the placement has been made. It is a blessing to see the story unfold, and to maintain connections with everyone who is a part of this journey.

Will the agency respect your choices? In the end, the choice is completely yours. As a birthparent, you have the right to raise your child, the right to change your mind at any point prescribed by state law, and the right to consider all other options. You should never feel pressured or misled by an adoption agency, by prospective parents, or by your family or peers. If adoption is ultimately the right option for you and the well-being of your child, you will know. You will know you have made a positive choice.

Adoptions are acts of pure love. You are giving your child the gift of a secure life, and a beautiful future. Therefore, each decision in making an adoption plan should be made with the utmost consideration for both your goals and the ones you carry for your child. It is a difficult choice to make—and it calls for a great deal of courage. That is where we will help. Contact Adoptions With Love at 1-800-722-7731, or text us confidentially at 1-617-777-0072 for more information. We are here for YOU.