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Previous ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici Consider Adopting a Child

Adoption is a life-changing experience. Many celebrities have been touched by adoption, and one couple from “The Bachelor” is looking to start the journey toward parenthood through adoption. Former reality star Catherine Guidici and her husband, former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe, say they want to adopt a child.

In an interview with celebrity gossip magazine “OK!” late last year, Catherine shared that she and Sean are thinking about expanding their family through adoption. She has openly discussed this plan with other entertainment outlets in the past.

“We are praying about it, we are researching it, we are trying to potentially start a process,” the 34-year-old said. “It’s such a huge change, it’s something that would be monumental in our lives. We take it very seriously and want to make sure that it’s right for our family.”

The couple already share three young children at home, but this would be their first time adopting.

If you are considering adoption after having biological children, you may be wondering what to expect and how the experience will differ from birth or surrogacy.

Much like birth or surrogacy, there is a wait time before welcoming a child through adoption. Between conception and gestation, couples often wait years before having a child biologically. When using a private adoption agency, domestic adoptions are typically completed within two years. At Adoptions With Love, however, infants are usually placed within six to eighteen months of the family completing a home study.

In this time frame, Catherine says that she and Sean could have an even bigger family.

“I have told other people before — the factories are not closed,” Catherine says in gest. “So, we could have another biological kid, we could have another adopted child. I recently said I wanted five kids. I don’t know right now if that is still in the cards, but you never know.”

Their children would also be a consideration in preparing for a child they adopt. Additional siblings in any family – whether through pregnancy or adoption – are an adjustment. Hopeful adoptive parents should spend the months leading up to the adoption talking to their other child or children, sharing as much age-appropriate information as possible about the adoption process. When the conversations are frequent and positive, the big sibling(s) can enjoy the process and get excited about the adoption, as well.

It is also important to avoid favoritism among siblings. This is a good rule for all parents whether they have all biological children, or children who were all adopted. It can, however, be a particularly important focus for blended families, as you would not want resentment to rise over the adoption itself.

At the same time, it is important to not ignore differences. Adopted children often look much different than their siblings. If you adopt transracially, it is imperative to have ongoing discussion regarding race and differences. Your child’s skin color is an important part of their identity. Pretending to be colorblind is not the right move. Yourchild’s racial and cultural background should be celebrated and honored. This will help reinforce your adoptive child’s feelings of acceptance and belonging, while teaching your biological child the value in diversity and embracing one’s roots.

While the experience will be a bit different than an experience with birth or surrogacy, at the end of the day, it is all about one thing: love. A family is not made from or defined by DNA. It is made from love. Your adoptive child will know from birth that they are loved deeply, and your children will learn that the bond you share together as one family unit is not dependent on genetics.

Catherine and Sean seem to have a pretty good handle on the “love” part already. The young family is enjoying their precious time together. This, perhaps, is the reason they want to grow their family through adoption.

“We are soaking it up and we just love being together,” Catherine says. “We absolutely adore laughing together and making jokes and playing games. We absolutely thrive in this, again, we feel so blessed to not be sick of each other and not be at each other’s throats during this time, just being grateful for what we have.”

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