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8 Birth Mothers to Follow on Social Media

Every adoption story is special and unique. In today’s world, driven by social media, adoption stories are shared all over the internet.

If you are pregnant and considering adoption (or have already made an adoption plan), social media can be a great tool for you. You can find comfort in connecting with other birth mothers who have walked a mile in your shoes, who have chosen adoption for their children.

You probably already follow many celebrities and influencers on social media. Did you know there are also well-known birth mothers you can follow? These women lead by example and bravely share their adoption stories with the rest of the world. They come from all different walks of life. Their experience can serve as inspiration, comfort, and even a cathartic outlet for your own journey.

There are some incredible Instagram influencers out there who have taken the road to adoption. Their accounts allow expectant/birth moms just like you to connect with them and follow along in their emotional recovery. Below we will share 10 of our favorite social media birth mothers to follow today.

  1. Heidi Shew

Heidi Shew is a self-proclaimed “proud birthmom” as well as Christian and life coach. Particularly during National Adoption Month, Heidi takes time to post messages about her journey and to de-bunk myths about adoption. She explains in one post:

“Birthmoms love their children! They don’t place because they don’t want their children, or because they don’t want to parent. We do it because we LOVE them. That love doesn’t go away… Please be aware of what you say… we didn’t GIVE them away, we PLACED them.”

In a post about her open adoption, she explains, “The openness of my adoption is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Not only do I get to gain a better relationship with the sweetest girl in the world, but I get to observe her relationship strengthen with her incredible parents.”

In addition to adoption content, followers can enjoy a life advice, many inspirational posts, and photos and stories of Heidi with her children – including the daughter she placed for adoption years ago. She openly and beautifully writes about the emotional highs and lows of the open adoption experience. Follow Heidi on Instagram at: @heidishewcoaching.

2. Holly Neal

Holly Neal is a makeup artist, birth mom, and adoptee who shares her personal and professional life on Instagram. In a very beautiful YouTube video, Heidi shares her story of becoming a birth mother – which happened when she was a student in college – and her emotional reunion with her now-adult son. “It had been 24 years in the making,” she said on Instagram. “24 years of holding my breath until I got the chance to hug him again.” Follow Holly on Instagram at: @makeupbyhollyneal for beautiful photographs of her makeup artistry, her children, and stories of her personal journey as an adoptee and as a birth mom.

3. Adrian Collins

Adrian Collins is a writer, speaker, and mom to five. She is also a birth mom, and she has adopted two children of her own. She shares personal stories on her Instagram feed: @adrianccollins. Here, you will find many posts about her daughter, who she placed for adoption as a baby, as well as her sons, both biological and adopted. You will read about how she told her sons that she once placed her baby for adoption, and you will read about her emotions as she went through the adoption process. She also sends love and advice to other expectant/birth mothers. Here is a snippet of Adrian’s adoption story:

“I didn’t raise my daughter. We made an adoption plan for her at birth. When we reunited years later, there was no denying the simple truth: She is my daughter… Acknowledging this connection with my daughter doesn’t take away from her adoptive parents. They nurtured within her a deep faith in God. They taught her love, kindness, forgiveness, perseverance, and self-control. They fostered a tremendous work ethic. They instilled a heart of service toward others.”

4. Muthoni Gaciku

In 2016, Muthoni Gaciku welcomed her daughter and lovingly placed her with two adoptive parents. Now married and pregnant again, she shares adoption reunion photos and her feelings on the adoption journey on her personal Instagram page.

“Being a birthmother has taught me that there is no limit to what a family is. It has taught me that choosing to gift my daughter with an amazing forever family is the most selfless thing I will probably ever do. It has taught me that I am so much stronger than I ever thought I was.” Follow Muthoni at @muthonigaciku.

5. Ashley Mitchell

Ashley Mitchell is a speaker, writer, and the founder of Lifetime Healing Foundation. This non-profit works to support women through trauma programs. Ashley is also a birth mother and adoption advocate who shares her story on social media, as well as photos of her open adoption reunions with her son. She often extends messages to other birth mothers, who may be struggling to cope with their adoption or who may need support from other birth moms. Follow her on Instagram at @bigtoughgirl.

6. Leah Outten

Leah Outten is a birth mom, adoption educator, and founder of Woven Together – which works to empower adoption communities with education, resources, and support. Follow Leah on Instagram, @thegracebond, for inspirational posts as well as her own personal stories from placing her daughter for adoption 16 years ago. As a proclaimed open adoption educator, she says of her own adoption arrangement:

“Open adoption relationships. It isn’t always easy. It takes a lot of stepping back from what we desire and focusing on our daughter’s needs. It’s a sacrifice on all sides at times, but for us it has always been worth it.”

7. Dominique Rachelle

Dominique Rachelle lovingly placed her daughter for adoption in 2019, and she is also an adoptee herself. She talks about her emotions after the adoption process, as well as the pride she has in being a birth mother. As an adoption advocate, she says, “Adoption is beautiful and sometimes I feel the negative moments are highlighted more than the good, and I will always shut that down.”

“As many know, I myself was adopted. I never thought I would become the one on the other side of adoption, but it has been such a blessing to know and live two sides of adoption. Being able to one day share with my birth daughter my story of an open adoption, and to answer any and all the questions she may have. Something even more special is I have my own birth mom to go to when I have questions on placement and the decision.”

Follow Dominique’s journey through open adoption on Instagram at: @dominique.rachelle.

8. Annaleece Merrill Fairbanks

Annaleece Merrill Fairbanks shares her personal journey of open adoption, including how it has impacted her education, dating relationships, and marriage later in life. She frequently posts about her open adoption arrangement with her daughter’s family, and the challenges she has overcome throughout this journey. Follow Analeece on Instagram at: @annaleece.fairbanks.

These and many more influencers on social media are helping change perspectives of adoption. Thanks to their open and honest stories, you can find inspiration as an expectant/birth mom, too. Of course, you can also follow Adoptions With Love for even more inspiration and personal adoption stories! Follow us at: @adoptions_with_love.

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