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A Guide to Private Adoption in Louisiana

If you are living in Louisiana and facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering adoption. Making an adoption plan for your child is one that requires strength, thoughtfulness, and love. If you are thinking about this path, you are already placing your child’s needs before your own. Private adoption in Louisiana may be the best choice for you. You can do it with the support of a reputable adoption agency.

Whether you have just learned of your pregnancy, are in the third trimester, or have already given birth, you can make an adoption plan for your child. You can get the support you need and assistance throughout the process. It is never too late to make an adoption plan.

If you are thinking about private adoption in Louisiana, read on. Here, we will share some of the basic information you need to know before you begin the life-changing journey.

What is Private Adoption?

You may have heard the term “private adoption” before and wondered what it meant. A private adoption happens when the expectant/birth parent(s) chooses to place their child for adoption. This is a voluntary action. Expectant/birth parents who opt for private adoption typically choose their child’s adoptive parents. Here in the U.S., private adoptions are typically domestic, infant adoptions.

Private adoption is the most common way people adopt a baby in the United States. Choosing to work with a private adoption agency in Louisiana, such as Adoptions With Love, means that both birth and adoptive families’ rights are protected. This also ensures the adoption will be done safely and legally.

While some private adoptions are independent, choosing to work with a licensed adoption agency can give you peace of mind, knowing your baby will be placed in a safe, stable, and loving home.

In addition to safety, private adoption agencies can offer expectant/birth mothers many supportive services – at no cost to the expectant/birth mother.

What Private Adoption Agencies in Louisiana Can Offer

Choosing to work with a private adoption agency in Louisiana means gaining access to multiple services. These services will never cost you a dime. In fact, you can also get financial support during this challenging time in your life.

At a Louisiana adoption agency like Adoptions With Love, expectant/birth parents are offered the following services:

  • Living assistance. We can cover a deposit and help with several months of rent.
  • Compassionate counseling. Our experienced, understanding staff will listen to your needs and offer you counseling during and after the adoption process.
  • Open adoption planning services. We can help you design an adoption plan that best meets your needs. Whether you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption, you can choose which type of plan makes you feel comfortable. The choices are yours.
  • Other living expenses. We can help cover daily bills, such as utilities, phone bills, transportation, food, and even maternity clothes, if needed.
  • Medical care. We can help find you a midwife or doctor who can meet your needs. We can also cover any uninsured medical bills related to the pregnancy, from prenatal care to postpartum appointments and everything in between.
  • Legal services. Our attorney team in Louisiana is well-versed in adoption law and can guide you through the process, ensuring your rights are protected and you stay informed.

Private Adoption vs. Foster Care Adoption

Private adoption is a voluntary choice made by the expectant/birth parent(s). This is a path an expectant/birth parent may take when considering the best path for their child and for their own future. If you are considering Louisiana adoption, you are trying to make the best decision that will offer your child a life full of stability and opportunity that you cannot provide right now.

Foster care adoption happens when the state determines that a parent is unfit to raise their child. This typically happens when a child is in danger of neglect and/or abuse. The foster care system is designed to serve as a safeguard for at-risk infants, children, and teens. Foster care does not mean a child is automatically “up” for adoption. In these situations, the parents are typically given many chances to reunite as a family before the parent(s)’s rights are revoked.

With private adoption, an expectant/birth parent is voluntarily decided to give consent to adoption. They are also typically choosing the child’s adoptive parents and choosing the type of adoption plan they would like to maintain.

The adoption plan – the post-adoption contact agreement (PACA), can look different for everyone. An open adoption plan means there is ongoing communication between birth and adoptive families. The form and frequency can be determined by the expectant/birth parent(s).

With the help of a private adoption agency, such as Adoptions With Love, the right plan can be decided before – or after – the baby is born. Both birth and adoptive parents agree to the yupe a frequency of communication. It can also be amended over the years to accommodate the needs of a growing child.

Learn More About Adoption in Louisiana

If you are interested in learning more about private adoption in Louisiana, reach out to Adoptions With Love. We can discuss your rights and share information about adoption so that you can make an informed decision. You are never obligated to carry through with an adoption plan, should you change your mind. Learn more by calling 800-722-7731, texting confidentially at 617-777-0072, or contacting us online.