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Celebrating 36 Years: What Makes AWL the Best Adoption Agency?

Adoption is a life changing experience. Anyone who has been touched by adoption understands how important the right adoption agency is, and how much of a difference it can make. Adoptions With Love is proud to be celebrating its 36-year anniversary. Our compassionate staff is committed to making sure every adoption goes smoothly for all involved: the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the adopted child. Our experience, dedication, and complete services for expectant/birth mothers, adoptive parents, and children has given us the honor of being one of the best adoption agencies in the country.

Whether you have adopted a child, are looking to adopt, or you are an expectant/birth mother, you want to find an adoption agency that you can trust. The adoption process is a complex one, and it is one that is full of choices. Expectant/birth mothers can choose the adoptive family for baby. She can also choose what type of adoption plan she would like to have. These are important choices that must be met with empathy and care. The best adoption agencies for birth mothers are the ones that walk you through the process every step of the way, always offering information, support, and guidance.

As you begin to explore your options, you will want to find the best adoption agency that will work with you and provide you with the best resources. At Adoptions With Love, we offer comprehensive care and services related to adoption. We are a full-service agency providing everything needed to complete an adoption, whether you are an expectant/birth mother or prospective adoptive family. If you are looking to learn more about the best adoption agencies out there, read on. In this guide, we will share what to look for in an adoption professional.

Complete Care

For hopeful adoptive families, there are many different types of adoptions to consider. Adoptions With Love is a domestic, private, full-service and non-profit. We can make the road to parenthood less complicated and faster than other agencies, attorneys or facilitators. Most adoptions are complete within two years. There is one flat, all-inclusive fee for adoptive families, and this covers everything from legal services to continued communications support with the birth mother. There are no hidden expenses.

Expectant/birth mothers also have a lot to consider when choosing an adoption agency. Unlike independent adoption attorneys or adoption facilitators, Adoptions With Love:

  • Is licensed by the government
  • Screens all adoptive families and has been to each of their homes
  • Gives expectant/birth mothers the power to choose adoptive parents
  • Offers financial assistance
  • Offers ongoing counseling services
  • Assists in finding and covering medical care expenses
  • Offers free, full legal services relating to the adoption
  • Maintains legal, binding contracts

The financial assistance provided by AWL includes living expenses that are often impacted by an unexpected pregnancy, such as rent, utilities, phone bills, transportation, groceries, and maternity clothes. Adoptions With Love works to alleviate the stress that an unplanned pregnancy can bring. Our goal is to ensure expectant/birth mothers feel supported throughout the pregnancy.

More Options and More Peace of Mind

Today, many adoptions are completed with the assistance of private, domestic agencies. It is important to find one that will offer choices and security for all involved. A good adoption agency will encourage expectant/birth mothers to explore all their options before making a final decision. At Adoptions With Love, expectant/birth mothers can choose between an open, semi-open, and closed adoption plan. This is your plan; your choice.

This level of flexibility is important. It means that the type of adoption can be tailored to fit each birth mother’s unique needs. If a birth mother would like to select and meet the adoptive family, and continue a relationship after the adoption is complete, that can be arranged. If she just wants to select the family and then close off contact, that is okay, too. No two people are exactly alike, and the same rule applies with adoption plans. No two plans look the same, and the contracts signed may be tweaked as the child grows, to accommodate for evolving relationships.

Adoptions With Love works closely with expectant/birth mothers to find a plan that makes them feel comfortable. We also take the time to educate them about each of the options so that they are completely confident with the adoption plan. Adoptions With Love offers ongoing support throughout a child’s upbringing and can act as a liaison between birth mother and adoptive family.

Families trust Adoptions With Love because we offer a sense of security with their adoptions. Our 36 years of experience and fully licensed organization means that we know how to successfully complete an adoption. Adoption laws vary by state. Our adoption attorneys are well-versed with adoption laws across the country and can help ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Services are always 100 percent confidential and are always free to expectant/birth mothers.

Adoption Plans Made With Love

Many expectant/birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents go with their gut when choosing an agency. The best adoption agency for you will make you feel comfortable, value your wishes, and respect your choices (and remind you that they are just that: your choices). Adoptions With Love holds all of these values close to heart, and wants what is best for everyone in this process. This includes the expectant/birth mother, children, and families. We are committed to the adoptions 100 percent, every step of the way.

The best adoption agencies for expectant/birth mothers will offer personalized adoption plans, one-on-one counseling, financial assistance, and medical care, but they will also offer so much more. Our staff works with birth mothers from a place of care and compassion, honesty, and love. There is never any pressure, judgement, or criticism, no matter what the final decision is at the end of the pregnancy. Adoptions With Love will gently remind expectant/birth mothers throughout pregnancy that the adoption is their choice, and until the consent forms are signed after the baby’s birth, it is not too late to change their minds.

If you would like to learn more about the services offered at Adoptions With Love, call us any time of day, any day of the week at 800-722-7731, text us at 617-777-0072, or contact us online.