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How Do I Find a Family for My Baby? 8 Questions to Ask

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, you’re not alone. Unintended pregnancies happen all the time. Many women are in a similar situation as you. You have many options available, but since you are here, we’ll assume that you are considering an adoption plan for your baby.

Of course, your number one priority is to give your child the best life possible. Reasons for considering adoption can vary, but all are equally valid. No matter your reason, chances are, you feel that you are not in a position to raise a baby at this time in your life.

You may not have planned to have a baby, but you can plan for your baby’s life. The decisions you make now can help give your baby the life you wish you could provide.

By choosing adoption, you can make sure your baby is raised by the type of family you want. The perfect family for your baby may be a married couple who have not been able to have children due to infertility problems. Or perhaps you may choose a single person who does not have a partner but has a huge amount of love to share with a child. Maybe you’re considering a same sex couple because they are not able to produce a biological child, but will be fantastic parents.

We recommend you make a list of wishes for your child.  To help answer the question, “how do I find a family for my baby?” we also recommend you ask yourself the following questions:

  • What education goals do I have for my child?
  • Is attending college a priority?
  • Would I prefer a family for my baby that does not have any children or a family that already has a child?
  • Does one parent stay at home with the child?
  • Am I looking for a couple or single parent?
  • What opportunities do I envision for my child?
  • What are the family’s activities or interests?
  • What is the extended family like?

By making a list of the most important qualities you are looking for in a family, it will help you narrow down your idea of the perfect family for your baby.

The families that we work with at Adoptions With Love put together extensive photo albums and write you letters telling you about themselves. Choosing a family for your baby and getting to know the adoptive parents helps build trust and will give you comfort when you start to feel your grief. We encourage you to meet the family you choose in person. Trusting the family you have chosen for your child, and trusting your gut decision will give you strength as you go through the adoption process. Remember, you are the one in control of the adoption process, and you create the adoption plan that’s right for you.