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How to Apply to Adopt a Child in Massachusetts

Adoption is an incredible act of love. For hopeful adoptive families, adoption enables people to become
parents, to complete their family at last, and to love and care for a child for life.

Any adoptive parent could tell you that adoption is perhaps their greatest decision in life. They may also
tell you that the journey towards parenthood takes time. Inevitably, the adoption process involves a
waiting period, court proceedings, and great anticipation of how – and when – the adoption will be
finalized. It is important to remember that becoming a parent takes time and can be complex, no matter
which path you take. Of course, all this waiting pays off when you experience the pure joy of holding
your baby. As the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.”

If you live in Massachusetts, you may be wondering exactly how to adopt in MA. Further, you may be
wondering if you are eligible to apply to adopt. If you are 18 or older, and complete the home study
process (which shows you are healthy and responsible enough to provide a safe, stable home for a
child), you may be able to adopt a child. Anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community may adopt in MA. Single persons may also adopt. If you are married, you must file to adopt jointly with your spouse.
Whether you are single or married, you may apply to adopt in Massachusetts. Read on, as we break
down how to apply to adopt in MA, so that you may start your exciting journey towards parenthood.

1. Find an adoption agency.

Before you begin the adoption process, it is important to find a trustworthy adoption agency that is
licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Adoptions With Love is a private, domestic, licensed,
non-profit, Massachusetts adoption agency with over 34 years of very reputable experience. We work
with expectant/birth mothers throughout the country and usually place children with adoptive families
who live in Massachusetts. This helps widen the reach from which you may find your baby and makes
the wait time significantly shorter for you and your family.

Our adoption services are offered in one flat fee Our caring and experienced social workers are available
to chat any time of day, any day of the week to help you through this journey.

2. Get in touch.

Once you have found your adoption agency, you will contact them to get the ball rolling. When a
hopeful adoptive family reaches out to Adoptions With Love, they are immediately sent an information
packet detailing more of the adoption process and various requirements. When they are ready, they
may contact Adoptions With Love to set up a free, private consultation. During this consultation, you will
meet with an experienced social worker and discuss your hopes for adopting a child and learn how the
adoption process works.

Once you have had your consultation with your adoption agency, you may submit your application and
all the necessary supporting documents. As your application is reviewed, criminal records and FBI
background checks are run and checked by the staff at your agency. The application will include medical
histories, financial statements, and personal letters of reference.

3. Begin the home study.

If a prospective adoptive family’s application is approved, they are contacted two to three weeks later to
begin the home study. This process may take several months and involves at-home visits, office
interviews, and a thorough background check and screening. This process helps your adoption agency
get to know you, but also helps you understand your adoption agency and how to handle the adoption
process to come. As part of the home study process, Adoptions With Love can help hopeful adoptive
families create family photo albums, film video messages, and write letters to potential expectant/birth

4. Prepare to Adopt

In Massachusetts, prospective adoptive parents are required to complete educational classes in
preparation for their baby’s arrival. At Adoptions With Love, you can expect to complete two group
sessions and a baby care preparation class. The group sessions will provide you with support and
additional information about the adoption process in Massachusetts, including how to prepare for:

● Meeting the expectant/birth parent
● Traveling to pick up your child
● Talking with friends, family, and your child about adoption

The baby care class will prepare you for everything related to parenthood, from preparing your home
for a child to explaining adoption to your child as he or she grows.

If you are ready to begin the adoption process, contact Adoptions With Love today. Our caring and
passionate staff can help you in your quest to grow your family. Reach out to use any time at 617-964-
4357 or via our contact form. For more answers about the adoption process in Massachusetts, please
download our free eBook below: