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Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption from the Hospital?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be feeling overwhelmed, scared, and all alone. You may be unsure of what to do next. If you have already given birth, these emotions may be taking over. You may be wondering if adoption is still an option for you.

Adoption is a positive option for women who decide they cannot, or are not ready to, provide for a child. Adoption allows them to choose a loving, supportive family to raise their baby. You can be in your first trimester, third trimester, or in the hospital – after birth – when you decide to make an adoption plan.

If you are asking, “Can I give baby up for adoption from the hospital?”, you may be in labor or have already given birth. No matter your circumstance, rest assured the answer is yes. Many, many women make what feel like “last-minute” adoption plans right from their hospital bed.

There are several reasons that you may wait until the hospital to make an adoption plan. For example, you may have felt like, up until this point, you wanted to or could potentially parent your child. Your family or significant other may have told you they would help support the baby, but you may be having second thoughts about their ability to commit. You may worry that you cannot provide the best possible life for your child at this time, on your own. You may be in a difficult situation that is not sufficient for a child.  You may not have realized you were pregnant until you went to the hospital in labor.  Or, you may have simply changed your mind.

All of these reasons are okay, and your feelings are valid as you consider other options. Unplanned pregnancy is confusing and scary, and it can be tough to make a final decision as important and  life changing as this one in front of you. You are not alone. Know that placing a child for adoption, even from a hospital bed, is possible, especially with the help of a caring and compassionate adoption professional.

What You Should Know About Giving a Baby Up for Adoption From the Hospital

The first thing to know about placing a baby for adoption is that it is your choice alone. No one can pressure or persuade you when it comes to having a baby, or how to make a plan for their life ahead.

It is also important to know that adoption is a loving and selfless decision. It brings many benefits for birth/expectant parents, as well as for the child. You can read about those benefits here.

Finally, it is important to know that adoption is not giving up. “Giving baby up for adoption” is a dated term that the adoption community no longer uses. It is still common to hear this expression today, but the truth is, adoption is a loving and thoughtful choice. It is the opposite of “giving up.”

How to Give a Baby Up for Adoption From the Hospital

If you are considering placing your child for adoption from the hospital, you likely have many questions, such as:

  • Is it legal for an adoption to happen at the hospital?
  • How can I get the process started from my hospital bed?
  • What do I tell the staff at the hospital?

You may have many questions and concerns about the process, or how others will perceive your situation. Many new birth mothers feel the same way. The first step to take is to contact a reputable adoption agency that handles adoptions within your state. A full-service, domestic adoption agency like Adoptions With Love can make this process a smooth one, while offering comfort, care, and compassion. To help you through this process, we  have outlined the steps to making an adoption plan from the hospital, below.

  1. Consider Your Decision

Before making an adoption plan, take stock of your feelings and your circumstances. Are you ready to become a parent? Can you offer your child a life full of love, stability, and opportunity? If you are unsure about your decision, take some time to make your final decision. Remember: There is no deadline in making an adoption plan and you can choose adoption after birth. Some birth mothers take days, or even weeks before deciding to make an adoption plan. We want to ensure you are fully comfortable and confident in this decision.

  1. Contact an Adoption Agency

To make an official adoption plan from the hospital plan, you will need to get in touch with an adoption professional. You want a professional service to handle the adoption because they know the legal procedures to take. They also have a network of professionals to offer you their services free of charge.

The right adoption agency will come to you at the hospital. They can help guide you through the next steps, so you are not alone as you make this brave and difficult decision.

Adoptions With Love takes care of expectant/birth parents and treats each mother like family. We will meet you at the hospital, wherever you are, to help you complete the adoption. We will also provide the following services at no charge to you:

  • Confidential counseling services, before and long after birth
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal services
  • Viewing adoptive family profiles (and assistance in making a decision, if needed)
  • Custom adoption plan

  1. Select an Adoptive Family (if Desired)

Expectant/birth parents making an adoption plan from the hospital can still choose the adoptive family they want to raise their child. Your adoption specialist will present you with adoptive family profiles to browse. You can look through their profiles, which include photos, letters, and stories, and other pieces of information about each hopeful family.

  1. Make Contact with the Adoptive Family (If Desired)

Once you have found the right adoptive family, you can meet them if you wish. Depending on your location and the adoptive family’s location, you can choose to speak over the phone or in person at the hospital. If you are uncomfortable with meeting the adoptive family, or you feel that you are not up for it, that is okay, too. You will never be pressured to meet with your child’s adoptive parents.

  1. Design Your Plan

Your adoption specialist can help guide you through this step, as it is an important one. Your adoption plan is a plan for how your adoption will look for years to come. It determines the level of openness you wish to have with your child’s adoptive family. Most adoptions today are open adoptions, but the decision is yours. You may choose to have an open adoption that involves email, phone, or in-person updates. You may opt to meet with the adoptive parents at the hospital, but then decide you wish to have no further contact. You may decide that you do not want any contact with the adoptive family. This is called a closed adoption.

Whatever you feel comfortable with, your adoption specialist will support you. We understand that placing a child for adoption is a hard decision and brings many complex emotions.

Adoption plans are put together in contract form, with both birth parent and adoptive parent(s) signing the documents in agreement. The agreement can be changed over the years to accommodate a growing child.

  1. Focus on Your Recovery

Once you have chosen an adoptive family for your baby, and you have worked with your adoption specialist to design the perfect adoption plan, you can – and should – focus on your recovery. Physically, you will recover from giving birth in a matter of months. The emotional response for placing a baby for adoption, however, is longer. The adoption journey is a complicated one for birth mothers. While it is a positive, loving choice, it can bring many highs and lows over the years.

Adoptions With Love offers ongoing counseling  to expectant/birth mothers.  We will pay for counseling for a year after placement.  We understand that the recovery process continues long after the paperwork is signed, and we are here to support our birth mothers long after the trip to the hospital.

  1. Keep in Touch

Many expectant/birth mothers find it helpful to stay in contact with their child’s adoptive family over the years. This brings peace of mind, as you can receive updates on baby’s progress and growth and see photos as he/she enjoys a happy and healthy life. If you wish to have a closed adoption, Adoptions With Love will keep photos and updates on file in case you change your mind later. It is never too late to contact your child’s adoptive family. Many expectant/birth mothers are grateful for open adoption because it does not mean “goodbye forever.” It is, in fact, only the beginning of the journey.

If you are thinking about giving baby up/making an adoption plan from the hospital, or from home – before or after birth – contact Adoptions With Love. Our compassionate staff can help guide you through this process every step of the way. Call us any time of day, any day of the week with your questions at 800-722-7731, text us confidentially at 617-777-0072, or contact us online.