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How to Place Your Baby for Adoption in Maine

Are you pregnant and considering adoption? Discovering an unplanned pregnancy is an emotional, overwhelming time for many women. Right now, you may not know where you can go for help or who to call for support. You know that you want to provide a loving home for your child, but are unsure how to start the adoption process. You are not alone. If you are an expectant mother living in Maine, know that Adoptions With Love is here for you.

Adoptions With Love is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency helping expectant/birth parents nationwide find the best possible homes for their children. For over 30 years, we have been building relationships with expert adoption counselors and attorneys licensed in Maine. If you need help placing your baby for adoption in Maine, you can always contact us. Our trusted Maine adoption agency partner and attorney can help you explore your options, understand the laws in your area, and make an adoption plan that is tailored to your wishes and needs.

Before starting your adoption plan, however, we recommend doing your research. Adoption is one of the most loving and long-term decisions you can make for your child, and should always be well-informed. Ask questions.  Learn about the steps you need to take to place your baby for adoption in Maine. Prepare for what is ahead. As a reputable adoption agency serving Maine, Adoptions With Love can help you navigate the adoption process. We will listen to you, answer your questions, educate you on adoption in Maine, and help you make the most positive, informed decision for you and your baby.

Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or have already given birth to your baby, we extend our support to you. To help get you started, we have created this mini guide to making an adoption plan in Maine:

1. Choose an adoption agency that you trust.

Every adoption journey starts by choosing the right agency to guide you through the process. There are many  adoption professionals in Maine who can help you, but it is important to find a licensed, reputable agency that you trust. How will you know you are choosing the right adoption agency?

The right adoption agency will have staff who listen to your wants and needs, who are willing to discuss all your options with you, and who promise to respect any choice that you make. Look for an agency that will stand by your side and support you throughout the entire adoption experience – not only as you prepare for the adoption, but also throughout your life. Your adoption agency should also be accessible to you at any time of day, any day of the week, to answer your questions and help you design the perfect adoption plan.

2. Decide the type of adoption you would like your child to have.

If you choose to work with an open adoption agency serving Maine, you will have the option to create an open, semi-open, or closed adoption plan. With an open adoption, you can:

  • Choose an adoptive family for your baby
  • Meet and get to know the family for your baby
  • Keep in touch with your child’s family over the years
  • Receive letters and pictures of your child as he or she grows

Many expectant/birth mothers choose to create an adoption plan with some level of openness, because it gives them peace of mind to see and know that their child is doing well. If you would like to make an open or semi-open adoption plan, you can decide the amount of contact you would like with your child’s family, if any at all.  At Adoptions With love, we will help you personally design the type of adoption plan that best fits your wants and needs: you can choose an open adoption, semi-open adoption, or a closed adoption plan. One of our adoption counselors will explain each option and, if you would like, help you create your ideal adoption plan.

3. Select a loving adoptive family.

Whether you create a fully open adoption plan or a more private adoption plan with no contact, you will always have the option to select a family for your baby at Adoptions With Love. If you would like to make this loving choice, we will send you a selection of prospective Adoptive Parent Profiles. These family profiles, consisting of letters and photos, will help you get to know each waiting family and choose the best match for your baby. At Adoptions With Love, we will listen carefully to your requests and show you the families that best meet your wishes for your child. Once you choose an adoptive family, you will have the option to speak with them through email, phone, or meet them in-person. This is completely up to you.

No matter which adoptive family you choose, you can rest assured that your child will be placed in a loving, safe, and secure home. All our waiting families have been thoroughly screened and interviewed by a licensed social worker, have undergone a series of federal background checks, and are fully able and ready to raise a child for life.

4. Understand the adoption laws in Maine.

Adoption laws vary state to state. That is why it is so important to work with an agency who has adoption attorneys specifically trained in your home state. If you choose to work with Adoptions With Love, you can meet with our attorney partners who are experts in Maine adoptions. They can meet with you – wherever you are – to help walk you through the legal adoption process.

Adoptions With Love’s legal services are always free of charge. You can rest assured that there is never a cost for the expectant or birth parent services at our agency. In Maine, licensed, private adoption agencies like us are permitted to provide financial assistance for some pregnancy-related expenses needed before, during, and for weeks after your baby’s adoption, such as:

  • Complete counseling services
  • Help designing your adoption plan
  • Assistance finding quality medical care
  • Housing assistance 
  • Financial assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Ongoing Contact

5. Receive ongoing adoption support.

Adoption is a lifelong journey full of new, sensitive relationships and emotions. Remember that Adoptions With Love is for you, even after your baby is placed. We can help you navigate any feelings, adoption relationships, or open communication over the years. As part of your post-adoption services, we extend free ongoing, confidential counseling services. We can also help you create an open adoption agreement with the adoptive family, and mediate any contact you might have with your child’s family down the road.

Whether you are pregnant or have already given birth to your baby, it is never too late to start your adoption in Maine.  Call us at 800-722-7731 or text us confidentially at 617-777-0072 to learn more.

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