Closed Adoption

What is Closed Adoption and Is It Right For You?

Adoptions With Love helps expectant/birth parents make the type of adoption plan that fits your needs.  No two people are alike and each adoption plan is unique to the person making it.  It is for this reason that we offer closed adoption plans for some birth parents who are considering adoption for their newborn infant.  closed adoption agencies

Making an adoption plan for your baby is a very brave and selfless act.  For some expectant/birth parents, choosing the family to become the baby’s parents or meeting them in person may be too overwhelming.  You may feel that you would rather put your adoption plan in the hands of an experienced and trustworthy adoption professional with a good reputation.  You may feel overwhelmed by choosing the parents and are not able to connect with the prospective parents.  This is understandable.

Some birthparents wish to choose a name for their baby and yet others feel that choosing a name is too bonding.  You may want to have the new parents choose the name for the baby.  Some birthparents deeply desire receiving letters and pictures of the child and other birthparents do not want these updates.

Everyone is an individual and each person has their own way of making their way through the process of making an adoption plan for their baby.  One form of adoption is not more right than another way.  That is why at Adoptions With Love we still offer the option of “closed adoptions.”  You determine what is best for YOU.

At Adoptions With Love, if you choose to have a closed adoptionBirthparent Contact

  • Letters and pictures will still remain in your file just in case you decide someday that you do desire them.
  • The option of knowing more information about the parents who have adopted your baby will be available to you in the future should you want this information.
  • Your privacy will always be protected.

Adoptions With Love has been providing adoption services to birthparents around the United States for over 32 years.  Some of these adoptions have remained closed adoptions.  Our birthparent counseling is provided with respect, compassion and trustworthiness.  Adoption is a lifelong process and we remain available to you in the future and through your journey.

To learn more about closed adoptions, contact us today.