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Possible Changes to Abortion Laws in Virginia

The news pertaining to Virginia’s abortion laws, and abortion laws across the United States, is evolving daily. If you have any questions about the latest abortion law information, please do not hesitate to call Adoptions With Love.

The laws regarding abortion rights – in several states – have been making headlines and sparking controversy. Virginia is one of the many states that has been added to this hot-button topic. As of this writing, abortion laws in Virginia remain to be the same as they were before Roe v. Wade was overturned. There are, however, many state politicians working to change Virginia abortion laws.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Virginia, you may have many questions surrounding the abortion laws in Virginia and what it all means for you. The first thing to remember is that you still have options. Read on, as we share the latest developments on abortion in Virginia, what lawmakers and advocates are debating, and the options available to women residing in Virginia today.

Where Virginia Abortion Laws Stand Right Now

The State of Virginia allows first-trimester terminations, but second-trimester abortions must take place inside licensed hospitals. Third-trimester abortions are only legal when it is required to save the life or medical well-being of the expectant mother.

There are, however, some that want to make a big change to the abortion laws in Virginia.

A Proposed Restriction to Virginia Abortion Laws

While there has been talk of changes to the Virginia abortion laws, there has been no change yet. In fact, there is no change expected to happen in 2022. Right now, abortion is restricted to the first and second trimesters. However, there are some lawmakers who are now looking to tighten abortion restrictions even more.

Once the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin stated that he supports a ban on abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. He continues to call on legislators to enact new restrictions on the medical procedure. As a pro-birth advocate, Gov. Youngkin has not been quiet about his thoughts on the Roe v. Wade reversal.

“The Supreme Court’s decision, I agree with — that this is a decision for states to make by elected officials, by the citizens of Virginia,” Youngkin said on “Face the Nation.” “And that’s why, right out of the box, I called for a 15-week pain threshold bill to be formed and crafted by a bipartisan group of legislators.”

Gov. Youngkin also stated that he believes “the real value of the Supreme Court’s decision” is the fact that each state can now set its own abortion policy.

There are other Republican lawmakers in Virginia who want to outright ban abortion entirely, seeing the proposed 15-week ban as a negotiation approach that is simply not enough.

Democrats and pro-choice advocates have been vocal in their opposition from the proposed rollback, holding rallies and speaking out against their counterparts.

Senate President Louise Lucas has stated that she would not accept any additional restrictions to abortion laws in Virginia.

“If the governor is trying to push a 15-week ban, it’s not going to get through my committee. I can guarantee you that one,” she said.

According to local reports, the Virginia General Assembly will not see any abortion-related bills in 2022, as lawmakers tie up loose ends from their special session earlier in the year. Still, there is the chance that bills will be heard – and voted upon – in 2023.

Your Pregnancy Options as an Expectant Mother in Virginia

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Virginia, you may be thinking about your options. You still have three choices:

  • Abortion
  • Adoption
  • Parenthood

If you are in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, abortion is still an option. If you are in your third trimester or you have already given birth, but you are not yet ready to parent, you may want to consider adoption. Even if you are still in the first or second trimester, you may not wish to have an abortion. Instead, you can lovingly make an adoption plan for your child.

Adoption is not an easy decision, but it is a thoughtful, selfless, and brave choice. If you are thinking about taking this path, you are already placing your child’s needs before your own. With the help of a reputable Virginia adoption agency, you can make an informed and loving decision that ensures both you and your child can have opportunities in life.

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With open adoption, placing your child for adoption does not mean “goodbye forever.” You can select the adoptive family for your baby, and stay in touch with them over the years. You can determine the form and frequency of ongoing communication between you and your child’s adoptive family, if you wish. You can build a lifelong relationship with your child’s adoptive family, and you can – someday – form a meaningful relationship with your child.

Adoption is an emotional journey. Birth mothers report experiencing feelings of grief after the adoption is complete, which is why Adoptions With Love offers ongoing counseling for the first year after birth. These are normal feelings. The adoption journey can certainly be a challenging one, but it is also rewarding and offers many benefits for both adoptee and birth parent.

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption in Virginia, contact Adoptions With Love today. Our compassionate and experienced staff can help you design an adoption plan that meets your needs. Our Virginia adoption services are always free for expectant/birth mothers, and you will never be made to feel judged, criticized, or pressured into any decisions regarding your pregnancy.

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