LGBTQ Adoption Cases Surface in Supreme Court

LGBTQ adoption has made great strides over the past several years. When the U.S. Supreme Court passed the Family Care Act in 2015, same-sex couples were finally given the basic American right to marry and grow their families through adoption. ... READ MORE

How to Find an LGBTQ Adoption Agency

Adopting a child is an exciting moment of life. For those in the gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer community, however, it has not always been a given right. Same-sex couples have faced opposition throughout history, and this includes the battle ... READ MORE

“This is Us” Season 5 Adoption Storylines

Randall finally learns about his birth mother’s family. He also grapples with his identity and experiences of growing up black, in a white family. Rebecca apologizes to Randall for the way she handled his desire to know his biological family. ... READ MORE

Will My Baby Go to Foster Care?

Preparing to place your child for adoption is a difficult decision. When considering this option, many pregnant women ask themselves, “Will my baby go to foster care?” To ease your fears, the answer is no. In placing your baby for ... READ MORE