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5 Adoptive Families to Follow on Social Media

Our world today is online. Most Americans have a smartphone, and nearly all tech-savvy people are using social media in some way. From Facebook to TikTok, Instagram to SnapChat, there are several platforms that reach millions of people every day.

Adoption is a life-changing experience, and many families that have expanded through adoption are sharing their stories on social media. Some adoptive parents have become influencers to share their adoption journey and inspire other families through their content.

Whether you are an expectant/birth parent, or a hopeful parent looking to grow your family though adoption, you too may be looking for some inspiration on social media. Check out our list of some popular influencers that adopted children and are sharing their story.

  1. Jeena Wilder (@jeenawilder)

This mom of five in North Carolina connects with her 205,000+ followers on Instagram by sharing adorable family photos regularly. Jeena represents transracial adoptive families. She is black, her husband is white, and the couple are the proud parents of four biological children, who are biracial, and one adopted child, who is white. The 32-year-old told People magazine in a recent interview:

“We don’t hide their differences. But just because you are different doesn’t make you less of a family. We openly talk about stuff like that … ‘Mommy and Daddy don’t even look the same, but we love each other and we’re a family, before we even had you.’ You don’t have to look the same to be a family.”

Jeena frequently shares posts to promote adoption, breastfeeding, and racial understanding and acceptance. She also shares photos of her family wearing matching outfits!

  1. Kaitlin Harris (@kaitlin_harris)

Before adopting their three beautiful children, Kaitlin and Reed became internet famous, when their unusual engagement story led to a trip to the hospital. Reed had planned to propose to Kaitlin by hiding her ring inside a Wendy’s Frosty. The moment in which she got to the bottom of the cup and did not have a ring (because she had unknowingly eaten it) was all captured on video – and it went viral. The two appeared on the “Today” show and “The Ellen DeGeneres” in the wake of their online fame.

Despite the funny start, Kaitlin and Reed married after just five months of meeting one another, and three months after their entertaining engagement. Years into their marriage, after unsuccessful fertility treatments, the couple decided to adopt children.

When asked if they would want an African-American baby, the couple said that they were ecstatic to welcome any baby into their family.

“Once we started the adoption process, everything fell into place,” Kaitlin told the UtahValley360. “Josie was born four months later, and now that we have her, we can’t imagine life any different. We’re so grateful we weren’t able to have biological children, because that would mean we wouldn’t have her.”

Since adopting Josie, Kaitlin and Reed have also adopted two sons – Seth and Miles. The Harris family is also a great example of transracial adoptive families, including the beauty and the challenges that come with their family make-up. Kaitlin often posts about judgement she receives from followers on Instagram, as well as lessons she has learned as a Caucasian mother parenting children of another race, such as how to do her daughter’s hair. She often shares her own perspective of adopting and what it means to be an adoptive parent, including one recent post about the discussion of family and biology:

“Does love make a family? Yes! We aren’t all biologically related and couldn’t love each other more… But does biology also make a family? 1000% yes! That’s the reason we added Miles to our family only 4 months after Seth was born. Because we know biology matters and knew how important it was for Josie and Miles to have each other. Also why we continue to try to maintain a relationship with our kids birth families.

I got this comment the other day it forced me to think more about the phrase “Love makes a family” (swipe to see comment). I never want to say something that makes others think I’m discrediting my children’s birth families. And never want my kids growing up feeling that their birth families don’t matter, because they do! They are also our family.”

Kaitlin and Reed are adventurous parents who like to travel with their children and share photos of their experiences on Instagram. Follow them for many fun stories and beautiful photographs as they navigate transracial parenthood. You can also follow their family hashtag, #harrisadoption.

  1. Our Family Vine (YouTubers)

Jenny and Cesar are YouTubers who share their adoption and family journey on YouTube. Together, Jenny and Cesar are raising Gabby, Jonathan, Koda, and Kaia. They have expanded their family through adoption and often discuss adoption and transracial adoption for other hopeful parents who may be starting the process.

  1. Christy Gior (@christy.gior)

Christy is another influencer who has a big following on YouTube as well as Instagram. She and her husband, Ed, are adoptive parents to their five growing children. Through her social media accounts, Christy shares the family’s journey from foster parents to adoptive parents. She openly discusses the adoption process of her children and discusses their experience with transracial adoption, as well. Her Instagram page primarily focuses on her children and includes captions with heartfelt messages about parenting and adoption.

  1. Julia Dimaggio (@my_story_for_his_glory)

Julia and her husband, Philip, are raising six children together in one loving home. As adoptive parents, the two share their parenting and fostering journey, all while following the growth of their children. Julia’s Instagram page is flooded with photos of her sweet babies, along with loving captions about foster care, homeschooling her children, and raising a big family despite the critics. She also runs a clothing company that benefits foster children in need.

These are just a few examples of the amazing adoptive family influencers that adopted. Follow them for tips and inspiration, no matter where you stand in the adoption process. Follow Adoptions With Love on Instagram for even more positive adoption stories. Reach out to Adoptions With Love with questions you have about the journey through adoption. Call us at 800-722-0072, text us at 617-777-0072, or contact us online.