A Guide to Open Adoption

Adoptions With Love has been helping expectant/birth mothers and adoptive families design thoughtful and loving adoption plans for almost 30 years.  For those just beginning the adoption process, the idea of open adoption can be intimidating. It is an unfamiliar territory, and many do not fully understand what it means or how it works. The truth is, there is no standard definition of “open adoption.” Just like every individual is unique, so is every adoption plan. The most important key to open adoption is you.

The beauty of adoption today is that there are boundless options for expectant mothers who desire to place their baby in a permanent, loving home. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, you have the opportunity to design an adoption plan completely tailored to you and your child. You may want to be a part of your child’s life, but know that at this moment, you are not able to give your baby the home and life that he or she deserves. Creating an open adoption plan can help realize your dreams for both you and your child.

When you work with a private, domestic adoption agency, you decide what openness will mean to you. You have control in how your adoption plan will go. Adoptions With Love has created this guide so that you, as an expectant mother, can understand all of your options when it comes to creating an adoption plan, and to help you decide if an open adoption is right for you. Learn more today and download our free guide!

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