Donate to Adoptions With Love

As a private non-profit, licensed domestic adoption agency, Adoptions With Love has placed more than 2,500 newborns by providing compassion and support to expectant/birth mothers making the courageous decision to make an adoption plan for their child and place him or her with loving adoptive families. Adoptions With Love’s goal is to find the best home for each child.

So how can you help?

Maybe it’s your child’s birthday and you want to honor him or her? Or your child is celebrating a special occasion, working on a project for school or wants to learn more about the work AWL does every day.
Consider making an annual donation to AWL in his or her name or have your child help raise or donate funds for AWL. Whatever the reason, the generous donations from families helps support our mission and allows us to provide a wide array of services including counseling and financial assistance:

  • Subsidize adoptions for families who will provide safe and loving homes.
  • Increase scholarships to birthmothers for GED programs, C N A or cosmetology courses or other ways we help birth parents enhance their lives in the future.
  • Support families through outreach and education.
  • Provide post-placement services for children and parents.
  • Provide search and reunion support to adopted children and their parents.
  • Support the records trust so we may maintain our children’s records in perpetuity.

If you’d like to make a donation, please follow the directions on the donation form below.

Your donations are greatly appreciated!