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Are You Pregnant and Considering Adoption in Ohio?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is not what you envisioned. Right now, you may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed. The first thing to know is that you are not alone. There are resources available to you. If you are considering adoption and live in Ohio, you will want to find an Ohio adoption agency that you can trust.

The next thing to know about adoption is that it is not “giving up.” While the saying “give baby up for adoption” is still used in everyday conversation, the adoption community no longer uses this phrase because it is dated and completely incorrect. Adoption is a brave, thoughtful, and loving decision. It means putting the needs of your child before your own.

Placing a baby for adoption is a positive choice that takes strength and devotion from a birth mother. You are already considering what is best for your child. You can give your child a wonderful life, full of love and opportunity, with adoption.

What is an Adoption Agency in Ohio?

An adoption agency is an organization, licensed by the state(s) they work in, that places children in permanent homes with adoptive families. Ohio adoption agencies offer a range of services to expectant/birth parents considering adoption. Full-service organizations, such as Adoptions With Love, offer expectant/birth parents legal and counseling services, adoption planning support, financial assistance related to pregnancy and birth, the ability to choose an already vetted family that is ready to adopt a baby, and more. These services are all free to expectant/birth parents who choose adoption.

While these services are important, it is important to look for an adoption agency that can offer compassionate care throughout the adoption journey. Adoptions With Love understands the emotional challenges that accompany an unplanned pregnancy and adoption journey. We have been facilitating private adoptions in Ohio since 1986 and can help guide you through this process every step of the way.

Types of Ohio Adoption Agencies and Professionals

It is important to find an adoption agency in Ohio that can best meet your needs. Here is a breakdown of three types of adoption professionals in Ohio that you may encounter:

Full-Service, Private Adoption Agencies in Ohio

Private adoption agencies match expectant/birth mothers with approved adoptive families within the United States. This is the most common type of agency young people choose when facing unplanned pregnancy. This type of organization will provide professional, reputable, and comprehensive adoption services, prioritizing the mother’s and child’s needs. Private adoption agencies in Ohio include large, national agencies as well as smaller organizations. Smaller agencies may work locally and nationally, but typically provide more personalized care. Whichever type of agency you choose, your adoption should be a smooth process, full of counseling, education, and compassionate care.

Choosing to work with a private, full-service adoption agency in Ohio means having more control of the adoption plan. You may choose the adoptive family and whether you want to continue communication with them after placing your baby for adoption. You are in charge of this pregnancy and this adoption plan. You can determine the type of adoption plan you have, and the form and frequency of ongoing communication.

Foster Care Agencies in Ohio

Foster care is a state-run system. It is not a path taken by expectant/birth mothers who are voluntarily choosing adoption for their child. If you know that your home life is not suitable for a child, then you can avoid foster care by choosing a private adoption in Ohio.

Adoption Facilitators in Ohio

An adoption facilitator is a professional that makes an initial contact between birth parent(s) and adoptive family. Most adoption facilitators require a fee that will only cover the cost of the introduction of families (and nothing else). The facilitators’ only role is making an initial connection between birth and adoptive families. They do not provide ongoing services or support. Using a full-service adoption agency will provide expectant/birth mothers complete care and ensure a safe, legal adoption from start to finish.

How to Choose the Best Adoption Agency in Ohio for You

As you consider adoption in Ohio, it is important to find an agency that feels right for you. This type of agency should offer comprehensive services – at no cost to you – and respect your decisions. The best adoption agencies in Ohio will listen to your concerns, understand your needs, and guide you through the adoption process with zero judgment, pressure, or criticism. You will want to find an adoption agency that can support you and keep you informed. At Adoptions With Love, for example, our Ohio adoption attorney team will make sure you understand your rights. They will answer any questions you have about Ohio adoption laws.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a reputable Ohio adoption agency is the safety and security you will feel during the adoption process. Every step of the process is covered by your adoption professional. From the early phases of the Home Study – a thorough background check and interview process for prospective adoptive parents – to the guidance of your adoption plan, and continued counseling services after birth, you can rest assured that your adoption will be handled fully and properly.

Do You Want a Relationship With Your Child’s Family? Open Adoption is Possible

Adoption is a choice that comes with many other choices. As you plan this adoption in Ohio, you will want to consider the type of adoption plan you have. You can choose from the following:

  • Open adoption

Open adoption is the most common type of adoption today. Open adoption is not co-parenting. While open adoption in Ohio can look different for every family, it means there is communication between birth and adoptive families. You, the expectant/birth parent, can choose the adoptive family for your baby. You can also determine the form and frequency of ongoing communication. Whether you want to stay connected with text messages once a month, email a few times a year, or have calls or visits, your wishes will be respected. Your adoption specialist can help you determine the best arrangement for the open adoption plan.

  • Semi-open adoption

A semi-open adoption is not as open as an open adoption, but with this type of plan, you can still have some ongoing contact. Your adoption professional can work as a liaison and ensure you stay anonymous with any contact, if that makes you feel comfortable. You can also choose your child’s adoptive family and speak with – or meet – them in person before the birth if you wish. Sometimes, a semi-open adoption looks like only choosing the adoptive family. You can decide what level of openness is right for you. Your adoption specialist can also help you with this decision.

  • Closed adoption

A closed adoption is exactly as it sounds. There is no communication or information shared between birth and adoptive parents. This is not as common as semi-open or open adoption today, but it is still a choice that you have. There is no right or wrong choice, either. Some birth mothers feel they need a fresh start, and a clean break is the best way to achieve that. Whatever decision you make, a supportive Ohio adoption agency like Adoptions With Love will support you. Adoptions With Love keeps photos and letters on file, should a birth mother choose closed adoption but change her mind later.

Financial Assistance and Adoption Services in Ohio for Expectant/Birth Mothers

The best Ohio open adoption agencies will offer you supportive services throughout the pregnancy and adoption process. If you are considering this path, look for an adoption agency that can offer you the following services – at no cost to you.

  • Financial assistance with utilities, phone, groceries, maternity clothes, and other necessities, as needed.
  • Designing the adoption plan.
  • Housing assistance. We can cover the security deposit and several months of rent.
  • Complete counseling services before and after adoption.
  • Medical care. We can cover any uninsured medical expenses when you complete the adoption and help you find a doctor or midwife with whom you are comfortable.
  • Legal assistance with experienced Ohio adoption attorneys.
  • Ongoing contact through the years following adoption.

FAQ: What You Need to Know About the Ohio Adoption Process

What is adoption?

Choosing adoption means choosing to permanently place your child with another family who will love and raise them as their own. It is a brave and loving choice, as you are placing your child’s needs above your own.

What are my unplanned pregnancy options in Ohio?

With an unplanned pregnancy in Ohio, you can choose between parenthood and adoption. Abortion may be available to you. Currently, abortion is available to expectant mothers until 22 weeks gestation. However, a law was proposed to ban abortion after six weeks of pregnancy in Ohio. Learn more here.

How do I put my baby up for adoption in Ohio?

The first step is to find a reputable, trustworthy, and experienced adoption agency that meets your needs. Click here to learn more about placing a baby for adoption in Ohio.

Can I place a baby for adoption in Ohio after giving birth?

Yes. It is never too late to make an adoption plan for your child. Whether you are in the hospital or have already brought baby home, your adoption specialist can come to you and help you make an adoption plan.

How much does adoption cost in Ohio?

There are never any fees for expectant/birth mothers who choose adoption in Ohio. In fact, there are financial support services you can get from a full-service adoption agency.

What are the adoption requirements and laws in Ohio?

To place a baby for adoption in Ohio, birth mothers must wait 72 hours (3 days) after giving birth to sign consent forms for adoption. Adoption laws vary by state. It is important to find an adoption agency that has trained Ohio adoption attorneys available to you.

Who can I call for more help and information about Ohio adoption?

If you need more information about adoption in Ohio, contact Adoptions With Love. We can answer any questions you may have about placing your baby for adoption.

Where does AWL work in Ohio?

Adoptions With Love helps expectant/birth mothers living across the entire State of Ohio. Whether you live in:

  • Columbus
  • Cleveland
  • Cincinnati

…Or anywhere in between, you can get the support you need from our adoption agency. We work with women all over the state of Ohio.

Adoptions With Love is Here for You

Adoption is never an easy decision. You do not have to face it alone. At Adoptions With Love, we can offer round-the-clock care and make sure your health and well-being are prioritized. We have been working with expectant/birth parents in Ohio since 1986. Our compassionate and experienced staff of attorneys, counselors, and adoption specialists can work with you to custom-design an adoption plan that meets your needs. We are here to help every step of the way.

Learn more about Ohio adoption by contacting Adoptions With Love today. Call us 24/7 at 800-722,7731, text us confidentially at 617-777-0072, or contact us online.

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