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Kansas adoption services for expectant/birth parents

Adoptions With Love is a domestic, private, full-service, nonprofit adoption agency that works with expectant/birth parents in Kansas. Our adoption services are always free to you and will always be kept confidential. Whether you just learned of your pregnancy or have already given birth, we can guide you through the Kansas adoption process.

This guide can help you get started. Read on for information about placing your child for adoption in Kansas. Learn what you need to know about finding a Kansas adoption agency and the types of adoption services available to you in the Sunflower State.

Placing Your Baby for Adoption in Kansas

Making the decision to place your baby for adoption in Kansas can feel overwhelming. You might feel, at times, that you are alone in this situation and that no one can understand what you are going through. You are not alone. There are experienced adoption professionals in Kansas who can help you understand your options and find the right family for your baby.

When you choose to work with an adoption agency in Kansas, you can rest assured that your adoption will be carried out compassionately, safely and securely, meeting all the legal requirements in the state. An adoption agency will also prioritize your health and well-being, as well as your child’s, before and after the adoption.

As you research adoption agencies in Kansas, it is important to find an organization that you can trust. The right adoption agency will offer support – emotional, financial, and educational – every step of the way. They can walk you through the steps of placing your baby for adoption in Kansas, and make sure your needs are met and that you feel comfortable with your decision.

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Choosing a Kansas Adoption Agency

It is important to find an adoption agency in which you can trust. There are many adoption agencies from which to choose in the state of Kansas. There are also many types of agencies – such as private and public  agencies. There are also large, national adoption agencies that work with birth mothers across the country, and smaller, more personalized agencies  that work closely with expectant/birth mothers throughout the journey.

As an expectant/birth parent, consider these different types of adoption agencies:

Private Adoption Agencies in Kansas

Private adoption agencies are the most popular type of agency for young people facing unplanned pregnancy. These organizations will provide excellent service to an expectant/birth parent, placing the mother’s and child’s needs first and making sure they are fully supported throughout the adoption process.

When working with a private adoption agency in Kansas, you can make your own decisions regarding the adoption plan. For example, you may choose the adoptive family and if  you would like contact with them after birth. You can  determine the form and frequency of contact after you make an adoption plan for your child.

Private adoption agencies match expectant/birthmothers with approved adoptive families  within the U.S. Private adoption agencies can include large, national agencies and smaller, more personalized adoption agencies. Smaller agencies work locally and nationally and can provide more personal and individualized care. Whichever one you choose, your adoption should  be a smooth process, offered with comprehensive, supportive care.

Full-Service Adoption Agencies in Kansas

A full-service adoption agency is an excellent choice for expectant/birth parents in Kansas. This  type of adoption agency is  private, and covers all the services you will need throughout your adoption. A full range of adoption services  include counseling, finding the best family for your baby, legal assistance, financial assistance and more. These services are always free to expectant/birth parents who choose adoption. The best adoption agencies will understand your personal circumstances  and work with you to ensure that your needs are met, without the stress of finances.

Finding a supportive, understanding Kansas adoption agency is an important step in your adoption journey. You want to find professionals that can support you and cares about you and your baby. The best type of adoption agency will be there to help you explore your options, offer advice, listen to your needs, and help educate you – before, during, and after the adoption.

Many expectant/birth parents choose to work with non-profit adoption agencies that can offer personalized services. Personalized adoption services mean you are in the driver’s seat of this adoption. You can determine the adoption plan that best meets your needs, find a loving adoptive family that you feel comfortable with, and build a lifelong relationship with your child’s adoptive family.

Adoption Services in Kansas

Adoptions With Love works with expectant/birth mothers throughout the state of Kansas. Our experienced adoption attorneys and compassionate counselors will meet with you, wherever you are, to help guide you through this adoption journey. Adoptions With Love works across the entire state, including:

  • Kansas City, Kansas
  • Wichita, Kansas
  • Topeka, Kansas
  • Overland Park, Kansas
  • Lawrence, Kansas
  • Manhattan, Kansas
  • And more!

Our adoption attorney partners in Kansas work diligently to ensure each adoption is handled completely safely, legally, with dignity and respect. They will explain your rights, answer any questions you may have, and make sure you are always aware of what is happening with the adoption process. They will take care of the necessary paperwork and handle any court hearings required.

Our trained counselors also practice throughout Kansas. Each of our counselors are experienced in working with expectant/birth mothers throughout the adoption journey.  Adoption is emotional, and our counselors are prepared to help you navigate your feelings as they arise. They will take the time to listen to you,  while giving you the respect and compassion you need during this challenging time. They can  help you discuss your pregnancy and adoption with your parents and/or child’s biological father, if you wish. Adoptions With Love will always be a loving guide, and will never put any pressure, judgment, or criticism on expectant/birth mothers. Our counselors are available day or night, before the birth, after the birth, and for years to come.

At Adoptions With Love, expectant/birth mothers are never charged fees for legal services, counseling, or any other service provided. In fact, financial support is offered to expectant mothers who choose adoption, as needed. Adoptions With Love can cover deposits and several months of rent, utilities, and  maternity clothes. . We can also help you find a doctor or midwife with whom you feel comfortable and cover uninsured costs of pre- and post-natal medical care.

Why Work with an Adoption Agency in Kansas?

Your decision to work with an adoption agency in Kansas has many benefits, such as:

  • A safe and legal adoption.

The biggest benefit of working with an adoption agency in Kansas is knowing that your adoption plan will be secure, safe, and legal. You will be working closely with  adoption professionals to find a loving adoptive family that has been vetted and approved to adopt a child. You determine who that family will be by choosing the best family for you and your baby.

You will be working with experienced, licensed adoption attorneys who will ensure a safe and legal adoption process. The choice to not work with a reputable agency means leaving yourself open to the possibility of having an illegal adoption, placing your child with an unverified family, and/or meeting in an unsafe location.

At Adoptions With Love, every prospective adoptive family must  complete the Home Study, a several months-long process that includes multiple home visits, background checks, interviews, and the thorough examination of legal documents including medical and financial records. The Home Study ensures that each child adopted is going to a loving, safe, stable, and healthy home.

  • Building an open adoption that meets your needs.

Another benefit in choosing a Kansas adoption agency is that you can select your child’s adoptive family and custom-design a plan with which you feel comfortable. You, as the expectant/birth parent, can choose to speak with, or meet, the adoptive family before your baby is born. You can also get help designing an adoption plan that meets your needs. Whether you choose an open, semi-open, or closed adoption, your wishes will be respected and honored and upheld with a signed contract.

  • Free, supportive services throughout – and after – the adoption.

Choosing an adoption agency means getting the support you need. Those in Kansas who choose an adoption agency can get compassionate care and services at no cost to them. At Adoptions With Love, we understand that expectant/birth mothers are going through an emotional and difficult time, they should not have to worry about the costs of their maternity clothes or legal fees.

Whether you need financial support with your living expenses and medical bills, or you need a counselor to help you through the hardest moments, we will always put your needs first. Click here to learn more about our free, comprehensive services for expectant/birth mothers.

Kansas Adoption Information for Expectant/Birth Parents

Adoption in Kansas is a complex process. Finding an experienced, private adoption agency can help simplify the experience. Look for an adoption agency that is experienced with Kansas adoption laws and has previously worked with expectant/birth mothers in Kansas before. You should also look for a Kansas adoption agency that can guide you through the journey along the way.

Here are some frequent questions expectant/birth mothers in Kansas ask:

When can you consent to adoption in Kansas?

According to Kansas state law, a birth mother must wait until at least 12 hours after the baby’s birth to consent to the voluntary termination of her parental rights. This consent must be issued in writing, and the consenting parents must be represented by independent counsel.  –Adoptions With Love’s attorneys will make sure you have the information you need and answer your questions..

What about the birth father’s rights?

In Kansas, a birth father may consent to adoption at any point within six months leading to the baby’s birth. If a birth mother wants to place her child for adoption, a petition may be filed in the district court to terminate the father’s parental rights, unless the father’s relationship to the  child has already been terminated or deemed non-existent by a court.

How do I know I am choosing the right family for my baby?

This part of the adoption journey can be intimidating, but many birth mothers who have placed their child(ren) for adoption have reported feeling an instant connection with an adoptive family profile. You may feel that connection right away, just by looking at a family’s photos and reading their stories and background information. You may want to take some time to think about your decision, weigh their values and get more information. Your adoption specialist can answer questions you may have about the family, and you can speak with them before making your decision. Each adoptive family at Adoptions with Love has completed the Home Study and can provide a safe, stable, and loving home for your child.

What happens after the adoption is complete?

Once your adoption is complete, you can move forward, knowing that your child is safe and loved. Birth parents are encouraged to continue their free counseling services at Adoptions With Love, and they are also encouraged to stay connected to both their adoption counselor  as well as their child’s adoptive family. Adoption does not end with the paperwork. This is a lifelong journey and Adoptions with Love will continue to support you and stay connected as long as you want.

A Note from Adoptions With Love

It is never too late to make an adoption plan in Kansas. Whether you are pregnant or have already given birth, you can make a positive, loving choice for you and your child.

Adoptions With Love has been working with expectant/birth parents for more than 37 years. Our reputable, experienced attorneys, counselors, and specialists can work with you to help you make an adoption plan that meets your needs, all while prioritizing your health and wellbeing. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Learn even more about Kansas adoption by contacting Adoptions With Love today. Call us 24/7 at 800-722,7731, text us confidentially at 617-777-0072, or contact us online.

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