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Who Will Adopt My Baby?

When faced with an untimely and unplanned pregnancy, you have many choices.  This may be a time of shock, worry and a road you did not plan on traveling down.  One option is adoption, which can be a very positive choice.

You may be wondering how to go about making an adoption plan and asking yourself, “who will adopt my baby?”  The best answer is to work with a reputable adoption agency whose primary focus is on YOU and helping you navigate the adoption process with compassion and care.

Adoptions With Love is a private non-profit adoption agency that prides itself on taking care of our birthmothers’ needs.  Everyone is an individual and no two people are alike.  Your needs and desires will be different from someone else.  This adoption plan is YOUR plan; it should focus on you.

When you think, “who will adopt my baby,”you may wonder:Contact Button

  • Do I have the ability to choose the best family for my baby?  That answer is definitely yes.
  • How will I be able to view the family?  Adoptions With Love will provide you with a great deal of information about the adoptive family through photo albums and letters.
  • Can I meet the family in person?  Of course you can.  It is very understandable that you may want this important opportunity.
  • Can this adoption be an “open adoption”?  Yes, but this means different things to different people so we want to be very clear what “open adoption” means to you.  Letters and pictures over 18 years?  A face to face meeting over the years?  Ongoing emails?  You decide.
  • What if I don’t wish to choose the family or meet them in person?  This is fine too.  Again, you are the one with many choices.  Meeting the adoptive family is not for everyone.  Some people like their privacy and  choose the option of closed adoption.
  • Can I write a letter to my child and/or send a gift?  Definitely!  Over the 27 years that Adoptions With Love has been working in adoptions, many young people have come back to see if their birthparents would be interested in knowing more about them.  They have commented how nice it has been to have a letter from their birthparent and how they treasure that.

When you consider adoption as a positive choice for an unplanned pregnancy, you can be in charge of who will adopt your baby.  This is YOUR adoption plan.  You make it with the guidance of a skilled adoption professional that has your best interest in mind.  At Adoptions With Love, we are here for you with care, compassion and professionalism.  Adoption is a journey through life and we are here for you now and in the future.