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Where to Go for Unplanned Pregnancy Support

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be a scary, confusing, and overwhelming time in your life. It can also feel very isolating. You may wonder, ‘Who will understand what I am going through?’, ‘Who can I lean on for support?’, and above all ‘What am I going to do?’ For all of these questions and more, it is important for you to find real and reliable support. You need a person or group who you trust to listen to you, as well as your wishes and needs, and who will not pressure you in any shape or form. Read on for some ideas to find this level of unplanned pregnancy support.

When you first learned that you are pregnant, you likely wanted to turn to a trusted friend or family member. Someone who has known you and loved you for many years – if not your whole life – might have felt like the most natural place to turn. Maybe it is the biological father of your baby, maybe it is a parent, or maybe it is a sibling or close friend. If you feel comfortable talking about your situation with someone you trust, we encourage you to do so. This can be an incredible source of support. Try to think about who will not judge, pressure, or criticize you for any decision you make.

Many women also find it helpful to speak with other women who have faced an unplanned pregnancy. Only a person who has been in your position will truly be able to relate to how you are feeling. Speaking with a woman who has faced an unplanned pregnancy, and learning about her journey, may help you  make a decision regarding your own. She will also be able to offer support that even close friends and family cannot.

Should you have trouble finding a person who has been in similar shoes, there is one easy way to find this kind of friend: a support group. There are many  support groups for women in the United States today. There are groups for expectant mothers, groups for women at various points of the adoption journey, groups for teen birth mothers, and  groups for women who have chosen abortion.

Support groups can be a valuable tool, but if talking to groups is not your style, there are other options. There are experienced counselors out there that can help guide you through this experience. These facilities can help educate you and listen to you, whether you choose to parent, make an adoption plan, or terminate your pregnancy. Keep in mind that there are certain things to look for in a great counselor. You will want someone who is experienced in unplanned pregnancies, and who will not judge you for your thoughts, feelings, or choice. You want someone reputable, who has been helping women in your situation for years.

Adoptions With Love is one example of a place you can go for unplanned pregnancy help. We have a team of compassionate counselors who can help you talk through your options. Here, you will never be pressured into making an adoption plan or any other choice. We are here to simply answer your questions and help you make the most informed decision possible. Adoptions With Love has been helping expectant/birth mothers for over 32 years.

Whatever choice you are leaning towards, a professional counselor or social worker can be a great support, helping to work through your emotions in a safe and neutral setting, without bias or judgment. Some counseling services – such as at an adoption agency – are free to expectant/birth mothers.

Some adoption agencies are local, while others work with expectant/birth parents throughout the country and even overseas. Think about what is important to you. If you choose a personalized, private adoption agency, you will be matched with a counselor who can work closely with you to educate you on your options and guide you through the decision-making or adoption process – all while making sure you are comfortable at every step of the way. The role of an adoption agency counselor is to walk expectant mothers through the pregnancy, birth, placement, and the years of your child’s upbringing. While it may seem that placement is all there is to it, an adoption agency can also help with so much more, including counseling services – free of charge – throughout the pregnancy and the many years to follow.

Adoptions With Love can help support you throughout your journey. We never place any pressure, bias, or judgment on expectant/birth mothers, and will respect any choice you make. Our unplanned pregnancy support is extended to you – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us anytime, day or night, for confidential guidance. Email or call 1-800-722-7731 today.

For more information on finding unplanned pregnancy help and support, please download our free “Guide to Your Pregnancy & Adoption Options” below.