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The Importance of Finding Supportive Unplanned Pregnancy Help

At this moment, you may be feeling unsure or overwhelmed about what is best for you and your baby. Any decision you make regarding your unplanned pregnancy will likely be one of the biggest decisions you have ever made. You want to make sure you get as much information as you can about your options and discuss your thoughts, feelings, or questions with someone you trust.

While it is important to talk to a loved one about your situation, remember that this is ultimately your decision. Your friends and family may want the best for you, but that does not mean they truly know what is best for you and your baby at this time. Your family also may be emotionally involved with your decision.

After telling your loved ones of your pregnancy, you may consider seeking out an unbiased third party to help inform and guide you towards the best decision. Many expectant mothers today find that an outside support network such as a counselor, health educator, or an adoption agency allows them to approach this significant decision with a clear and open mind. After telling your loved ones, you too may consider turning to a counselor or social worker for advice about your pregnancy.

If you are going back and forth between your unplanned pregnancy options, seek out a professional counselor who is willing to fully listen, respect, and understand your decision process. Talk with someone who can walk you through your options, who can help you make a decision, and who will respect any decision you make. Talk with someone who is available and willing to sit down and guide you through this journey.

Usually the best unplanned pregnancy advice comes from those who can look at your situation from an honest, unbiased perspective. No matter where you choose to go for outside support, make sure you do not feel pressured into any decision and you are fully involved in the decision-making process. Ensure that all of the information you receive is accurate and reliable. Choose an agency, clinic, or counselor that welcomes your partner, friend, or family member to be involved and accompany you if you wish.

As a not for profit, private adoption agency, Adoptions With Love welcomes you to call us at any time of day for professional unplanned pregnancy help. Our team of compassionate counselors is here at all hours of the day helping women like you through this incredible decision. We will help you look at all of your choices without judgment or pressure and always with respect.

Adoptions With Love is a team of trained professionals who can honestly and attentively walk you through each and every one your options. No matter what direction you take, we want to make sure you are fully ready, committed, and confident in your choice. Any choice you make becomes a life-long journey, so we encourage you to carefully consider every single aspect of your choice.

Our Reality Check-List can help you decide between parenting and adoption. If you would like to discuss your answers in detail with Amy, Nancy, Claudia, or Amelia, do not hesitate to contact or visit us.

Call Adoptions With Love toll-free at 1-800-722-7731, or text us confidentially at 1-617-777-0072.

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