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How to Place Your Baby for Adoption in Missouri

Making an adoption plan is a loving decision. If you are living in Missouri and facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be considering this option. You may be looking to learn more about how to give a baby up for adoption in Missouri. The first thing to know is that adoption is NOT giving up in any sense of the word.

While the phrase “give baby up for adoption in Missouri” is still commonly used, it is not an accurate depiction of adoption. Making an adoption plan is a thoughtful and selfless act of love. You are considering your child’s needs and placing them above your own desires. You are thinking about the kind of life this child could have, even if you cannot be the one to provide that life right now. It is a positive choice. There are plenty of adoption agencies that help mothers place their babies for adoption in Missouri, and you can learn how to do it here.

Read on, as we highlight the steps to take to lovingly place your child for adoption in Missouri.

Step 1: Consider All Your Options First

Before contacting an adoption agency, you will want to spend some time considering your pregnancy options. You can choose between the following:

  • Parenthood
  • Abortion Missouri banned abortion with the exception of life endangerment and medical emergencies, but there are supportive groups that can help you travel to another state to get a safe abortion. Adoptions With Love supports all expectant mothers and their right to choose.
  • Adoption

Adoption is a positive, loving decision, but it is one that only you can make. No one can force this decision upon you. At a supportive adoption agency like Adoptions With Love, your choices will be respected, and you will be treated with the dignity and compassion you deserve. You will never be pressured into any decision regarding your pregnancy.

Step 2: Find an Adoption Agency in Missouri

Once you have decided on adoption, you can move toward the first step toward adoption planning: Choosing the adoption agency. This is an important part of the adoption journey as this professional will help you throughout every step of the process. A supportive open adoption agency in Missouri will offer you services at no cost to you.

Expectant/birth moms who choose adoption in Missouri get the following free services:

  • Comprehensive counseling, before and after the adoption is finalized.
  • Legal services, to help ensure your adoption is safe and legal.
  • Financial assistance with housing and living expenses.
  • Medical coverage for any uninsured medical bills related to the pregnancy and birth.
  • Adoption planning services to help you custom design the perfect plan for you and your child.

The right adoption agency will also listen to your concerns, answer any questions you may have, and show you the respect, compassion, and dignity you deserve.

Step 3: Choose the Perfect Family

The next step to give baby up for adoption in Missouri is finding an adoptive family to adopt your baby. At a full-service adoption agency, like Adoptions With Love, expectant/birth mothers have the power to choose the adoptive family for their baby. This means you can determine the type of home life and family that your child will have throughout their life.

You can browse the many profiles of  prospective adoptive families hoping to adopt a child. Every person waiting to adopt has been thoroughly screened during the home study. This process takes several months to complete and ensures that each child is going to a safe, healthy, and stable home. There are other factors you can consider before choosing your child’s adoptive family. Would you like your child to be raised in a rural town with a big backyard? Is it important that the adoptive family follow the same religion as your own? Do you want the adoptive family to learn about your child’s cultural background? These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself when choosing an adoptive family for your child.

Your adoption specialist can answer any additional questions you may have about a particular adoptive family. You can also speak with the adoptive family – or meet with them in person, if you wish – before making your decision.

Step 4: Design Your Missouri Adoption Plan

The next step to give a baby up for adoption in Missouri is to design your adoption plan. Your adoption specialist can assist you with this part. You can choose from the following types of adoption plans:

  • Open adoption
  • Semi-open adoption
  • Closed adoption

While most adoptions today are open adoptions, you can choose whatever plan feels right to you. There is no right or wrong choice here. You will choose the right plan that meets your needs. Open adoption means there is ongoing communication between birth and adoptive families after the adoption is complete. This may happen over emails, text messages,  virtual calls and periodic in-person meetings. The choices are all yours. Some expectant/birth mothers form a strong bond with their child’s adoptive family and decide to stay connected frequently with phone calls and in-person reunions. You may feel more comfortable using the adoption agency as a liaison for communication. If you feel you want a fresh start and opt for a closed adoption, that is okay, too. Your adoption agency should support whatever type of plan feels most comfortable and makes you feel confident in your adoption.

Step 5: Make Your Hospital Plan and Get to Know the Adoptive Family

Once you have chosen your child’s adoptive family and designed the adoption plan itself, you can focus on birth and life after pregnancy. Many expectant/birth mothers create a hospital plan. This plan outlines how you want your birthing and recovery to be handled regarding adoption.

  • Would you like the adoptive parents in the labor and delivery room?
  • Who should hold baby first?
  • Do you want special time alone with the baby after giving birth?

These are a few examples of the questions to ask yourself when creating your hospital plan.

You can also spend some time getting to know your child’s adoptive family. You may opt to chat on the phone a few times before giving birth, or you may want to meet for a coffee. Getting to know your child’s adoptive family can help you feel at ease with your Missouri adoption decision.

Step 6: Continue Counseling as You Move Forward

Adoption is a lifelong journey. It does not end once the paperwork is signed, and the court has finalized the adoption proceedings. The same applies to your Missouri adoption agency. The best adoption agencies are continually checking in on birth mothers who have placed their babies for adoption in Missouri. At Adoptions With Love, we consider our birth mothers a part of our family. We will continue to check in and offer counseling services throughout the first year following your child’s adoption.

If you would like to learn even more about how to give baby up for adoption in Missouri (remember – it is NOT giving up!), call Adoptions With Love today. We can help you lovingly make an adoption plan that will offer you and your child a bright future. Contact us any time: 800-722-7731, text us: 617-777-0072, or contact us online.