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The Benefits of Adoption for Adopted Children [Infographic]

impact of adoption on children

Are you pregnant and considering adoption?  Right now, you may be scared and overwhelmed.  You already have so much love for your baby.  You want to choose the life that is best for your child, but you do not know what life that is.  You are worried you cannot give your baby the life that he or she deserves.  If you choose adoption, you may worry that your child will not understand your choice.

Many birth parents fear that their child will never understand their adoption decision.  Some are scared that their child will grow up angry, lonely, or hurt because of it.  While adoptees do have many different emotions and thoughts about their adoption, 9 out of 10 adopted children express “positive” or “mostly positive” feelings overall.

In the past, adoption was kept secret.  The majority of adopted children did not know they were adopted and for this reason, did not grow up understanding their birth mother’s decision.  They were not able to learn information about their birth parents or ever meet their birth mothers.  Today, over 97 percent of children know they are adopted.  From an early age, these children are able to ask questions, appreciate, and be proud of their adoption.

Adoptions With Love designed this infographic to show you the positive effects of adoption and the benefits it can bring to your child as he or she grows.  By reading these facts, we hope you will find comfort in knowing the healthy, enriching experiences adopted children can have.

If you choose to make an adoption plan for your child, rest assured that your child will thrive in a safe and loving home.  Your child will likely come to understand that you gave him or her the best life that you could possibly give.  At Adoptions With Love, remember that you, as an expectant or birth mother, always have the option to be a part of that life.

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