Adoptions With Love Blog

Introducing the Adoptions With Love Blog

This is the first of what we hope to be many blog entries. Every one of our adoptions is unique, so we’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge and some of our experiences in an effort to help those that are still learning about the adoption process. We hope that you’ll return to read more!

In January 2012, we updated our website and added new pages and features to help expectant/birth parents as well as adoptive parents to learn about who we are and the services that we provide. Our meet our adoptive families pages now include more information and photos of each family.

We even added an area dedicated to adopted children since our first adoption was 25 years ago and our children are now young adults.

Generally speaking, adoptions have changed over the 25 years that we’ve been creating families. Most of the changes are for the better, but as the internet has become one of, if not the most important source of information for birth parents and adopting families alike, we felt it was important to take a more active role and discuss these topics in a more candid way through our blog.

Of course, nothing can take the place of face to face communication (or even a phone call). However, we hope that our blog entries provide us with the opportunity to reach more women and families with a positive message about adoption. We hope you find our entries helpful and we encourage you to interact by submitting comments and sharing your views.