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Kaleb Lee’s Adoption Story: As Seen on ‘The Voice’

If you follow NBC’s popular series, “The Voice,” you may know the name Kaleb Lee quite well. You may remember him by his incredible rendition of Zac Brown Band’s “Free” (which Kelly Clarkson loved so much, she stole him for her team), for his passionate, home-hitting, country sound, or for his touching adoption story that he shared with “The Voice” audience earlier this season.

The star singer – now in the top 12 of Voice finalists – has a very personal connection with adoption. Not only was Kaleb Lee adopted as a young boy, but he and his wife also adopted their son from Nicaragua. Earlier in the season, the Kentucky native introduced his beautiful family – three children and his wife – to “The Voice” judges and viewers. He credited them as the most inspirational people in his life.

At Adoptions With Love, we admire people like Kaleb, who use their platform to share their stories and spread awareness of adoption. His story is one that is special. Read on to learn more about Kaleb and his adoption story!

Kaleb Lee never met his biological father. He was born to an 18-year-old single mom, who later married when Kaleb was a little older. His mother’s husband adopted him when he was a toddler. Kaleb says he has always turned to music as a hobby and an emotional outlet. His parents bought him a guitar when he was eight-years-old, and he grew up mastering his art. He performed at local-level shows throughout high school and college.

While studying at Emory College, he met the love of his life: Meagan. The two got married and started a family, and settled in Ormond Beach, Florida. After the wedding, Kaleb’s music career was put on hold to financially support his growing family. Kaleb and Meagan gave birth to two daughters, Graelynn and Lilly, now ages seven and eight.

From the beginning, the couple had talked about adopting a child. For Kaleb, it was an overwhelming feeling he had to act on- every child deserves to have a father, he explained. Kaleb’s wife, Meagan, was very involved in her local church and had gone on mission trips to Nicaragua. She and Kaleb spent their honeymoon in the country. These trips are eventually what led them to their son, Johander. From the minute Kaleb and his wife received the call, they knew that Johander was their son.

kaleb lee sonAs with many international adoptions, Kaleb, Meagan, and their daughters moved to the Central American country for three months to foster Johander before they could bring him back to Florida, his new forever home. Kaleb and Meagan’s son, Johander, is now four-years-old.

Prior to “The Voice” Season 14, Kaleb Lee’s family traveled to Los Angeles to make a video recording, which would introduce Kaleb Lee to fans of the show. When he got the opportunity to blind audition on stage in front of the judges, he and Meagan knew it was an opportunity that could not be passed up. He impressed the judges and soon after brought his family on stage, before choosing a coach.

Kaleb said, “They had been a huge support and encouragement to me…It was important to me for them to be a part of that moment.”

Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton battled to get Kaleb on their teams, and Kaleb Lee ultimately chose Team Blake. Later in the singing competition series, Kaleb lost a singing battle with another contestant Shelton was coaching. Kelly Clarkson was able to snag him for her team, explaining she had been a fan of his since that memorable blind audition.

Each week, Kaleb’s family faithfully watches the competition. The three children ask for each episode to be replayed dozens of times.

Kaleb Lee is one of many famous men who have been touched by adoption. He and his family would not be complete were it not for the positive act of adoption. Through adoption, Kaleb and Meagan became the parents of a son and through adoption, Johander gained a family forever. As Kaleb Lee’s story shows us, adoption is a beautiful way to grow your family.

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