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How to Create an Adoptive Family Profile

Adopting a child is an exciting, life-changing journey. Making the decision to adopt is big, so when you take the first step toward growing your family through adoption, you want to get it right. You want to make a great first impression as expectant/birth mothers consider you as a potential match. One of the most important aspects of the process is to prepare your adoptive family profile.

An adoptive family profile is comprised of letters, photo albums, and stories about you and your family. This packet provides expectant/birth mothers with a glimpse of who you are, what you enjoy, and the life you can provide for a child. It is the primary way that a prospective adoptive family is introduced and chosen by an expectant/birth mother.

When a woman sets out to make an adoption plan for her child, she has a lot of big decisions to make. One of the most challenging and important decisions of all is choosing the right family. She will likely spend countless hours pouring through profiles of the many families looking to adopt – and one of them might be yours.

The key to creating a great adoptive family profile, and matching with a potential birth mother, is to represent your family authentically. If you are ready to adopt, read this short guide for tips on how to create an adoptive family profile.

  1. Start with an Amazing Cover Photo

When building your adoptive family profile, it is important to start with a strong first impression. The first image on your packet will be the cover photo. You never get a second chance at a first impression, so consider using a high-quality photograph that will make your profile stand out among the rest. You may want to get professional photos taken in order to give yourself the best look. You can use your photo session for other photos throughout the profile, but make sure to bring a change of clothes so your booklet has a bit of variety. It is important to put your name on the cover of your photo album.

  1. Include Some Candids

While the professional photos will give your profile a lovely, polished look, you will also want to include candid, active, and engaging family photos. If your entire book contains posed and professional photographs, you may not speak to those expectant/birth mothers who are looking to make a personal and meaningful connection. Finding the right family that she/they have something in common with is most important.  Be sure to include photos of you doing your favorite things, whether that be attending a concert or festival, hiking, skiing, or spending time with extended family members. The authentic smiles and joy will jump off the page to showcase what a happy, loving home you can offer a child.

  1. Get Real

Your adoptive family profile is a reflection of you and your family. In addition to the photographs and basic information, many adoptive families will include a Dear Birth Expectant/Mother letter. This is a great opportunity to reach  expectant/birth mothers, by including real stories from the heart. Share your life experiences to give expectant/birth parents an idea of who you are and what kind of parent(s) you will be. Remember that the person reading through this profile is facing a challenging time, so if you have faced adversity – such as fertility or loss – sharing a personal story may be something that she can connect with and appreciate.

  1. Share the Details

An expectant/birth mother is preparing to place her child for adoption. This is an overwhelming and emotional process. She will want to know everything she can about the people who will raise her child, so be sure to go into deep detail. The more details you can share about your home, neighborhood, extended family, and personal interests, the better a picture you can paint. She will be able to see her child growing up in a happy and healthy home, being surrounded by love. If you are passionate about nature and travel, for example, share your experiences hiking or camping. Share details of the outdoor adventures you plan to take with your family, and include the sights, the sounds, and every incredible destination you plan to visit. Your child’s birth mother may be a naturalist, as well, and share this passion with you.

  1. Include the Silly 

Just as you should include real, honest experiences, be sure to share the funny or fun pieces of yourself, as well. Include a section of funny or interesting facts about you and your partner. You never know what silly little anecdote will strike a chord with an expectant/birth mother. It is also okay to be a little cheesy as you share embarrassing moments or lovey memories with your spouse.  For instance, if you have dressed up in costume for Halloween, this is fun and may speak to her.  Or if you have matching pajamas for Christmas morning, this is fun as well.

  1. Write About Each Other 

Here is another section where corny is encouraged. If you are adopting with a spouse or partner, write about one another and why this person would make a great co-parent. Share the reasons you love one another, and why you want to start (or grow) this family together. Your birth mother may grow fond of your relationship as she reads through your profile.

  1. Connect as You Can

Do you have a personal connection with adoption? Perhaps you or your partner were adopted, or you have a sibling or parent who was adopted. If you have been touched by adoption – or even inspired by it through a friend – share this story.

  1. Check for Typos

Before you send off your adoptive family profile to your adoption professional, be sure to comb through it for typos and/or grammatical errors. Free websites like Grammarly can help catch any mistakes you may have missed.

How to Start Your Adoption Profile

These tips can help you build a  prospective adoptive family profile that will stand out and shine amongst the competition. Your child is out there, and once you put together your profile, you can look forward to the next step in the adoption process.

No matter what, it is important to be open, honest, and share your personality in your adoptive family profile. Your adoption professional can help you put this booklet together and guide you through the entire adoption journey. Click here for even more tips on creating your adoption profile.

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