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All About Adoption in Massachusetts

Adoption is a life-changing experience. Whether you are looking to adopt, or thinking about lovingly placing your baby for adoption, the adoption process can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Adoption laws vary by state, so it is important to know the laws where you live and where the baby is born. Adoption fees are always an important consideration for adoptive families. Finding the right adoption agency is essential. A trustworthy and credible Massachusetts adoption agency can guide you through this process and help make it a positive experience, no matter your circumstances.

If you have questions about adoption in Massachusetts specifically, you are in the right place. Read on, as we cover some of the most frequently asked questions and topics about adoption in the Bay State.

Who Can Adopt in Massachusetts?

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a person must be at least 21 years old to adopt. There are no marriage requirements when it comes to adoption, so a single person is welcome to adopt. If a prospective adoptive parent is married, however, the spouse must file jointly.

Same-sex couples are free to adopt in every state of the U.S., thanks to the 2015 landmark Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges, which made same-sex marriage, foster, and adoption legal. At Adoptions With Love – an adoption agency that has helped Massachusetts families grow for 34 years – all fit families within the LGBTQIA+ community are welcome to adopt. Adoptions With Love has a very successful track record in forming families in the LGBTQIA community.

What are the Requirements to Adopt in Massachusetts?

All hopeful adoptive parents in Massachusetts must be 21 years or older. Families must have a home or safe and stable place to raise a child, with adequate space to accommodate his or her growing needs.

In addition, Massachusetts families must complete a training course and a home study before adopting a child. This several-month-long process involves home visits, interviews, and reviews of important documents, such as medical and financial records. The home study ensures that the family looking to adopt can provide a healthy, safe, and secure home. A fully licensed agency in Massachusetts, such as Adoptions With Love, can conduct the home study. All prospective adoptive parents must submit to a criminal background check that includes FBI fingerprint clearances.  We are committed to ensuring that all adopted children are matched with responsible and healthy families.

Learn more about the Massachusetts adoption requirements here.

Who Can Place Their Baby for Adoption in MA?

Any birth mother can place her child for adoption in Massachusetts. The arrangements for an adoption placement may be made at any time – whether a mother is in her first trimester, is in the hospital about to give birth, or even after the baby has been born.

To place a baby for adoption in Massachusetts, the birth parent(s) must first terminate their parental rights. The earliest this may happen is four days after the child’s birth. Once this four-day period has passed, birth parents may sign written consent allowing the adoption to take place. There is no grace period on this document – meaning that once the consent to the adoption is signed it is legal, binding and irrevocable. The four-day period may be helpful for birth parents in making their final decision on the adoption. Of course, birth parents may take longer than four days to sign their consent form, if needed.

At Adoptions With Love, any birth mother in the U.S. may place her child for adoption with our nonprofit adoption agency. While we work primarily with adoptive parents in Massachusetts, we work with expectant/birth mothers across the country. Whether you live in Atlanta, Orlando, Kansas City or Indianapolis, , expectant/birth mothers may use the many free services and support offered at Adoptions With Love.

Waiting to Adopt in MA

The anticipation leading up to adopting your child can make the process feel like an eternity for those who have dreamed about becoming parents. The adoption journey typically lasts about as long as the road biological parents take to becoming parents, or less if you consider fertility struggles and time to conceive. In fact, most private, domestic adoptions are completed within two years.

Adoptions in Massachusetts are no different. At Adoptions With Love, babies are typically placed within six to twelve months of completing a home study.

Hopeful adoptive families are usually contacted by Adoptions With Love within two to three weeks of submitting their application. The next step is the home study, which takes about two months to complete.

The home stretch of the waiting period for adoptive families is waiting to be matched with an expectant birth mother. This can take some time for some families, while it can happen quickly for others. Just like no two babies are exactly alike, no two adoptions are the same. The wait can be agonizing for those adoptive families who are anxiously waiting to have a child, but it is well worth it in the end.  Adoptions With Love has an excellent track record of forming families, about 45 placements each year.

How Do You Find the Right Adoption Agency in MA?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires all families considering adoption to work with a licensed adoption agency. For this reason, choosing an adoption agency is a crucial first step. An adoption agency can help you navigate the adoption process, answer your questions along the way, and help to create the best adoption plan for your family.

To choose the best adoption agency in your area, consider looking for:

  • A licensed adoption agency
  • A non-profit adoption organization
  • A reputable agency, with testimonials from other families
  • Agency counselors that will listen to you and your needs, and will not pressure you into a decision
  • Several years of experience
  • A full range of services for both adopting families and birth parents

Adoption is a positive choice for all involved. Birth mothers, adoptive families, and adoptees alike can experience the love that adoption often brings. At Adoptions With Love we say: “there is never too much love”. Thanks to the great advancement of modern-day adoption, this journey – while emotional and, at times, trying – can help families grow and birth mothers move on toward a brighter future with peace of mind. This is all possible with a trustworthy adoption agency. Adoptions With Love has been working with adoptive families in Massachusetts since 1986. Our experience, personalized attention and passion help form strong families and relationships for years to come.

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