Stories from Adopted Children

Finding caring, loving homes for children is a great joy, and coordinating reunions can be even more rewarding. The following letters are for adoptive parents, birth parents and even other adopted children that want to know more about what it’s like to be part of an Adoptions With Love family and meet a birth parent for the first time.


The Greatest Gift: A Life I Love
Twenty years later, a daughter visits her birth mother.

“Karen gave me the greatest gift any woman could give her child: she gave me a life that I love. She wanted to give me a happy life with parents who would love and care for me, and that is exactly what she did…I needed to find Karen so that she could know what she did for me.”


Amanda’s Letter
Adoption was such a positive element in her life, Amanda decides to be an intern at Adoptions With Love.

“As far back as I can remember, a book titled The Day We Got You was on my nightstand, and occasionally, my parents and I would read it before bedtime. This summer…I’ve been working three days a week as an intern at Adoptions With Love – the very same agency my parents adopted me through twenty years ago.”