Effects of Adoption on Children

Making an adoption planimpact of adoption is a very special way of showing how much you love your child.  You love your child so much that, by considering adoption, you are putting his or her needs above your own.  You want your child to live a life and future full of opportunities.  Adoption allows you to give that to your child.

This will all be explained to your child as he or she grows.  When children are raised knowing that they are adopted from the very beginning, they are able to form a special bond with their adoptive parents.  Together with their adoptive families, they learn to understand their situation positively and constructively.  Over time, they are able to develop an appreciation for their adoption, where they came from, and the beautiful life they have because of it.

Today, over 97 percent of adopted children over age five know they are adopted.  Nine out of ten of these children have positive feelings about their adoption experience.

Whether you choose a closed or open adoption plan, know that you will always be a part of your child.  Your story will be a part of your child’s story.  You will never be forgotten.

Adoptions With Love has created this eBook to answer all of the pending questions you may have regarding the effects of adoption on your child.  Here, we will discuss the impact of adoption, the experience of the adopted child, and the birth parent-child relationship.

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