Adoption and Social Media

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The Internet is changing the adoption landscape as we know it.  Social media is transforming the adoption search.  Open adoption is evolving in the face of Facebook and other social networking websites.  Online connections between birth parents, adoptive families, and adoptees are becoming more common.

In many ways, the transformative relationship between social media and adoption has in fact been very positive.  Not only have social channels like Facebook made open relationships between the adoption triad more fluent, they have also helped to eliminate the stigma and secrecy that adoption once carried.

While social media has brought many great benefits to the adoption landscape, it has also stirred many negative implications.  Privacy rights and adoption agreements between families are being broken.  Adopted children are being contacted by birth family members without their parents’ consent.  Birth mothers who once wished to remain anonymous are being found by their biological children online.  Adoptive families are posting photos, updates, and milestones of their child for the world to see.  Many of these families are being cyber ‘stalked’.

In this eBook, we will discuss how birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted children use social media as it relates to adoption.  For those who have been touched by the act of adoption, we will also offer tips to help you navigate adoption relationships and searches made through social media.

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