Birthmother Stories

Amy’s Letter

To my friends at AWL

On June 6, 2001, I delivered my and my husband’s first child, Will. As I experienced the pregnancy and labor, I was constantly thinking of my experiences with AWL almost nine years earlier when I surrendered my baby girl, J., for adoption.

I truly believe that had it not been for the people I met and the way you run your business, I would not have been able to move on with my life as I did.

I came home nine years ago to just my dog, and now I come home to my family. Ironically, when we started trying to get pregnant, we were faced with infertility, and by some miracle we conceived. This made me realize that the birth of a child (whether given in love or remaining with the birthparents) is a blessing and to be shared and cherished by all.

I wanted to share a picture of my son with you and tell you all “thank you” for giving me a second chance at life and helping me to give J. to her parents – a decision which I have never regretted.

Much thanks and admiration,