• About Us:

      Hi! We’re Chris and Valerie. Valerie is a nurse practitioner at a hospital where she provides care for patients recovering from surgery. She is passionate about what she does and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and getting to know them. On her days off, she loves to play with their son, Cameron, and have fun adventures like going to the children’s museum or the park. When Cameron is off to bed, she likes to read a good book or bake something yummy.

      Chris is a lawyer. He enjoys learning about new people and businesses and helping them solve problems. Outside of work, Chris loves to spend time playing games with their son Cameron and their dog, Marty. Chris especially likes taking Cameron to his swim lessons. On weekends, Chris likes to spend time with friends and family and in the summer, he loves having cookouts in the backyard.

    • Our Story:

      Chris and I met through mutual friends as we watched the opening games of the Olympics! We dated for about a year and then he proposed after Val threw him a surprise birthday party. A year and half after that we were married. We lived in the city for a long time and then moved to the suburbs when we needed more space.

    • Our Hobbies:

      We really enjoy traveling together and trying new foods. Recently, we were able to travel to Ireland and Scotland and learned about their culture and heritage. Moreover, we like to pass on that travel bug to Cameron and took him to Disney World to see the animals and try some rides. We all had a great time and made many fun memories.

    • Our Extended Family:

      Val’s family is nearby and helps out weekly with childcare. Cameron enjoys going to their house where he is spoiled rotten! They are always going to little field trips and exploring on their days together.

      Chris’s family lives out of state but they come to visit as much as they can. We stay connected through many facetimes and phone calls.

    • Our Adoption Story:

      After a year without a pregnancy, we went to a fertility clinic and were recommended to try IVF. We had 3 miscarriages with IVF and decided not to continue on that path. Through faith and reflection, we wanted to change direction and grow our family through adoption.

      We found ourselves extremely fortunate when Cameron, our son, came to us through adoption and truly appreciated every part of that journey. He is excited to have a little sister or brother and has even promised to help change diapers!

    • Our Home & Neighborhood :

      We live in a quiet suburb in a neighborhood with many families with children of all ages. There are many parks nearby that we go to often as well as farms, museums and even indoor playgrounds when the weather isn’t nice. There are many opportunities for our children to learn and grow!

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