• About Us:

      Hello! We are Dena and Brian.  Dena is an attorney working to empower financially challenged communities in Massachusetts, and Brian is a researcher at one of the universities in the Boston area.

    • Our Story:

      We met online in 2015 and knew right away that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  We got engaged on Christmas Eve of the same year, on the beach where Dena grew up, and were married on Cape Cod in 2016, at the same church where Brian’s parents and brother were married.

    • Our Hobbies:

      Dena loves travel, yoga, skiing, and walking the beach where she grew up, or walks on any long beach.  Brian loves soccer, travel, camping, playing games at family gatherings, and he is starting to get a little better at skiing.

    • Qualities We See in Each Other:

      Brian: Dena is always so aware of how other people are feeling, and I truly admire this quality of hers.  She can tell when others are upset, and always strives to help them feel better.  I know that her empathic nature is one of the many qualities that will make her a wonderful mother.  I also admire her positive, self-assured attitude.  If there is something that she wants to do, you can be certain that she will do it.

      Dena: Brian is a calm, patient, caring person with so much love to share in his large heart.  He finds a way to always see the positive side of life and has been teaching me to do the same.  He is honest, dependable and maybe, most importantly, so very funny. These qualities quickly made Brian my favorite person and I can only imagine he will quickly do the same as a father and friend to our child.

    • Our Adoption Story:

      We always knew that children were going to be an enormous part of our lives.  After some challenges with pregnancy, we started thinking seriously about adoption.  The truly amazing stories that we have heard from friends, extended family, and through our interactions with Adoptions With Love have assured us that we are on the path intended for us.

    • Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing With Our Child:

      Dena can’t wait to take our child to the beach exploring the sand and ocean, finding treasures in the sea glass, rocks and shells, and building sandcastles.

      Brian looks forward to trips to the local zoo, hikes in the woods, potentially coaching some youth sports, and lots of bedtime stories.

    • Holiday Gatherings:

      Our families love to get together for holidays.  Brian’s birthday happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo, so that is certainly an excellent excuse for a family fiesta.  The beginning of June is the family reunion for Brian’s relatives on his father’s side, which averages between 150 and 200 relatives.  Dena’s mother’s birthday is the beginning of July, so we always celebrate the 4th of July at her house by the beach.  Thanksgiving has become our big holiday for hosting both sides of our families.  And of course, Christmas.  For the last couple years, Brian and Dena started a matching PJ tradition with both of our families having a Christmas sleepover.

    • Our Home & Neiighborhood

      We call our home “the hug”.  It feels like a warm embrace, and we are grateful for the safety and comfort that it provides.  Our house is on a side street with a lot of young children living in the neighborhood.  We are within a ten-minute walk of both the local elementary school and the town high school, which together provide nice large open fields, a beautiful playground, tennis courts, and a skate park.  We are blessed to live in a fantastic house in a terrific community, that will make an amazing home for our child to grow and develop.

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