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Georgia adoption services for expectant/birth mothers

If you are considering giving your baby up for adoption in Georgia, you are in the right place. Adoptions With Love specializes in providing loving and thoughtful adoption plans for expectant/birth parents facing an unplanned pregnancy. We work nationwide to provide compassionate care and services to women considering adoption. Our dedicated team of counselors, attorneys, and partner adoption agencies in Georgia is ready to help you.

As you contemplate adoption, it is important to remember that you are not “giving up” your baby. Rather, you are giving your baby an opportunity at a life that you may not be ready to provide. Adoption is a brave and loving choice. If you are considering placing your baby for adoption in Georgia, read on about our free and confidential services and for additional Georgia adoption information.

We Create an Adoption Plan for YOU

If you are pregnant and considering putting your baby up for adoption, know that you are not alone. As an adoption agency serving Georgia, we are here for you. We understand that adoption is not an easy decision, and will help ensure that you are comfortable and confident throughout this journey. Our expert professionals have been working tirelessly for over 35 years to help expectant parents, birth mothers, and birth fathers choose and create loving adoption plans in Georgia.

Giving your baby up for adoption does not mean you are giving up. Rather, adoption allows you to make a loving, thoughtful plan for your baby’s life. Our experienced team and partnering, licensed adoption agencies in Georgia will help you to:

  • Decide on the perfect family for your baby. If you wish, we will provide you with comprehensive photo albums of our families who are ready for adoption. YOU can choose a family that you feel will provide the best home for your child. You can also meet the family in person.
  • Decide on open or closed adoption. Expectant/birth parents in Georgia can choose an open, semi-open, or closed adoption plan. You are not bound to the type of adoption you choose. If you do decide on a closed adoption, you may be able to open it at a later date. Adoptions With Love keeps updated letters and photos from adoptive families on file for this very reason. This flexibility gives many of our expectant/birth parents a feeling of security that is especially welcome during this difficult and emotional time.
  • Ensure medical security. If you do not have a doctor, we can help you find the care you and your baby deserve. We can also help cover any uninsured, maternity-related costs.
  • Receive free counseling services. During the pregnancy, and after the birth and adoption, our compassionate team of professional counselors are here for you. We can help you work through your emotions and feel heard throughout the adoption journey and beyond.
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Legal Services for Georgia Adoptions

We understand that the adoption process can be confusing and, sometimes, daunting. If you choose to work with Adoptions With Love, you can trust in the fact that our experienced team of attorneys and counselors are available to provide in-person support, wherever you are in Georgia. They can even offer at-home counseling so that the timing and atmosphere of your session is as comfortable as possible.

Not only do our compassionate professionals deliver emotional guidance and support, they are also trained with the knowledge and expertise of Georgia adoption laws. Your baby is important to us and our professionals will work with you to fulfill all of Georgia’s legal requirements, to ensure your adoption plan is both safe and legal. Our team will do all that is necessary to help you understand the adoption laws of Georgia .

According to Georgia adoption laws, a birth mother has several days after her consent to change her mind about the decision of adoption. There is no rush or pressure to choose adoption. With an adoption agency like Adoptions With Love by your side, you will be guided throughout this process. Your caring social worker will remind you that you can take all the time you need before you sign any papers. Some women choose to make their final decision from the hospital bed, while others spend time with their baby before making an adoption plan. Whatever you choose, Adoptions With Love will be there to support you and ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your decision.

Within the state of Georgia, an adoption agency can help with maternity-related expenses, if needed. If you choose to work with Adoptions With Love, we can provide financial support for you in the weeks before and after birth. Financial adoption assistance may include:

  • Rent
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Utilities
  • Other Living Expenses; please contact us for more details.

We understand that pregnancy and birth is a completely life-changing experience. If you work in a physically-demanding job, your pregnancy may limit or alter your work life. If your pregnancy is high-risk, your dietary requirements may change and involve more expensive groceries. There are many elements of your life that may be affected by this pregnancy. You do not need to face these challenges alone.

A Caring Adoption Agency Serving Georgia

If you are seeking an adoption agency in Georgia, but do not know where to start, please do not hesitate to give Adoptions With Love a call at 1-800-722-7731 or text to 617-777-0072. Our adoption agency is confidential and available at any time of day, any day of the week.

Adoption is a positive, selfless, and loving choice. Whether you are considering an open adoption, a closed adoption, want to meet with the family, or wish to have every detail of your own personal life kept private, we will help you reach the best decision for you and your child – without pressure or judgment. There is no right or wrong path to take. We have the resources, experts, and love necessary to help you navigate your journey now AND in the future.

Choose an adoption agency with a long record of caring and compassion, that has been serving expectant/birth parents in Georgia for over 35 years. Contact us by text at 617-777-0072, by phone at 1-800-722-7731, or by email at info@awlonline.org.

Adoptions With Love, a non-profit adoption agency, has been assisting expectant/birthparents in Georgia for over 35 years."