What Happens After Adoption? Expectant/Birth Parent Guide

Adoption is a brave, loving, and selfless choice. It is also a life-changing decision for expectant/birth mothers. If you are considering adoption, you may be wondering what will happen after your child is placed with his or her adoptive family. In fact, you may have a laundry list of questions, such as:

  • How will life change after adoption?
  • How will I feel once the adoption is complete?
  • Will my adoption agency be there to support me after the adoption is finalized?
  • What will my child think of me?

You may have already done some adoption research. You may be familiar with adoption agencies, the different types of adoption plans, and your options as an expectant/birth mother. What you may not have considered, however, is what happens after the birth and adoption.

Adoption is a life-long journey. It does not end when the paperwork is filed, or when the baby is placed with the adoptive family. Many birth mothers feel a wave of emotions after the adoption is complete, which is important to expect and prepare for in this process. Additionally, thanks to open adoption, you can have an ongoing relationship with your child’s adoptive family after the adoption is finalized.

In this guide, we will explore these topics in depth, and help answer common questions about life after adoption. We will address the feelings you may experience, the positive outcomes for both you and your baby, as well as the support that is offered to you long after the adoption takes place. You are not alone during the adoption process and, with Adoptions With Love, you will not be alone when the adoption is complete. Read through this guide for more information on what you can expect after adoption.

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