Preparing for Adoption: A Guide for Expectant Mothers

Discovering an unplanned pregnancy is a life-changing experience. If you are here, you might already know this firsthand. You recently discovered you are pregnant and have since felt like your world has been turned upside down. You were not planning for this, not prepared for this, and do not know what to do next. You might be feeling scared, confused, alone, and unsure of whom to turn to for support.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, it is important to know that you are not alone. Each year, millions of women discover this same news – they are expecting
the unexpected. Like you, they have had to make a very difficult choice regarding their baby and future: Do they terminate their pregnancy, parent their child, or
continue their pregnancy and make a loving adoption plan?

Out of a deep-found love for their children, thousands of these women courageously choose adoption. Through this choice, they give their child a life full of opportunity and support, a life beyond what they can provide at the time. Adoption is a selfless choice that begins with love, compassion, and hope – three feelings you likely already have for your baby. Perhaps that is why you are here. You want to see your child grow, but do not feel ready to become a parent right now. As much as you love him or her, you may not have the time, finances, or emotional resources needed to raise your child. As a result, you are thinking about adoption.
At Adoptions With Love, we understand adoption is not an easy decision to make, and admire you for coming this far. These first nine months are only the beginning
of a lifelong journey, but know that you will not have to walk any of it alone. Whether you just discovered you are pregnant or are in your third trimester, we
open our arms to you. We can assist you through this pregnancy and beyond, and help you design an adoption plan tailored to your needs.

It can all start here. In this month-by-month guide, we will walk you through the various stages of your pregnancy and help you navigate each phase of the
adoption process. From proper prenatal care to childbirth, telling your family to choosing a family for your baby-.

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