Guide to Open Adoption

Adoptions With Love has been helping expectant/birth mothers and adoptive families design thoughtful and loving adoption plans for almost 30 years. Throughout our history, we have seen adoption evolve significantly. For many years, most adopted children had limited information about their birth parents and their adoption stories. People believed that a sense of secrecy would protect everyone involved in the adoption and that it would be easier for the birth parents, adoptive parents, and children to adapt to a “normal” life. However, many adopted children were left with burning questions and no concrete answers. Significant pieces of their identity and future remained missing.

Fortunately, the shadow that was once held over adoption has been lifted. Openness in adoption is becoming more common. Today, most adopted children know that
they are adopted and are actually given the chance to meet their birth families. Many adopted children even establish relationships with their birth parents and extended families as they grow up and become adults.

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