Clinicians Guide to Adoption

Nearly half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. This means that with about 2,000 new pregnancies happening every day, approximately 1,000 women on a daily basis are surprised by this unexpected news. Unplanned pregnancies are in no way simple. Upon discovering she is pregnant, a woman will experience a range of emotions: confusion, fear, disappointment, shock, worry. She will soon embark on a journey full of life changing decisions and that, to her, can feel overwhelming. As a physician, social worker, counselor, or another clinical professional, it is up to you to help guide these women (and often their partners) through this time of need. In this moment, you might be their strongest support.

If you have a patient who recently discovered she is pregnant, there are specific next steps you must take as a clinical professional. One of these may be educating
your patient on her various unplanned pregnancy options, including parenthood, adoption, and abortion. Beforehand, however, there are certain questions you must ask. There are also clinical ethics you must be aware of, as well as a specialized knowledgebase you must carry, before handling this type of situation. As a non-profit, licensed adoption agency with over 30 years of experience, Adoptions With Love can help. We work with expectant parents, birth parents, social workers, and clinical professionals nationwide in efforts to provide free-of pressure, free-of-cost adoption services. We have created this guide especially for the doctors and nurses, counselors and social workers, whose patients may be considering adoption.

Our Clinician’s Guide to Adoption will equip you with the knowledge needed to better assist and care for women facing an unintended pregnancy. This guide is also designed to educate you as well as your patients on the act of making an adoption plan.

In this guide, you will dismantle the myths and discover the facts about adoption. You will also learn about the adoption process for expectant/birth mothers, as well as the feelings and thoughts they may experience throughout this unanticipated journey. Here, we will provide you with the right questions to ask, positive language to use, as well as 24-hour, reputable resources to offer your patients who are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

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