Choosing a Family for Your Baby

From the moment a woman first learns of her unplanned pregnancy, her story as an expectant mother begins. A new chapter of her life will now unfold, and she will have to make many important decisions regarding both her future and that of her child. It will not be an easy journey, but she can make it a beautiful one by designing a plan that is most fitting for her and her baby.

Every adoption plan is unique. No two stories are alike, but nearly every adoption begins with love, hope and compassion. Many expectant mothers today choose adoption out of an overwhelming love for their child. They want to give their child a life that reaches far beyond what they can provide at this time in their life.

If you are currently pregnant and considering the positive option of adoption, our team at Adoptions With Love can help you design an adoption plan that is right for you. We admire you for making this brave decision to place your child in a new and loving home, and thank you for starting this journey here with us. We hope this guide will open your eyes to all of the positive paths and forms adoption can take as you begin your search for the perfect family for your baby.

Adoption is a courageous act of love and a selfless start to the next stage of your life. It does not mean you are “giving up” your child. Rather, you are giving your child the life that he or she deserves—a life that will give back to your child, to a loving adoptive family, and to you.

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