Adoption FAQ eBook

You are a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. More than that, you are brave and considerate for taking the steps to learn more about adoption. Adoption is a selfless, loving choice that allows you to make a plan for your baby – such as finding a stable, caring family to raise him or her – and to give your child the best possible life you can give at this time.

Picture your child five or ten years from now. Maybe you picture your child in a stable home with a big backyard, with siblings and loving parents. Maybe you see your child taking dance classes, or succeeding in school and sports. Whatever you see, do you see yourself in that picture? If you envision your child in a place that you cannot realistically get him or her, you may be considering adoption. Now, picture yourself five or ten years down the road. Maybe you would like to go to
or finish college, get a good job that supports you, travel, or get married. Maybe you have long-term goals you would like to accomplish before starting a family. If you are not ready to become a parent right now, adoption may be a positive option for you. It is important to know that adoption is not an easy decision. It is a decision that many expectant mothers make with a heavy heart full of love, in the best interests of their children. Right now, you might have many questions about the adoption process. What should you expect? How will you know adoption is the right choice? What kind of adoption plans are available to you?

In this guide, Adoptions With Love addresses some of the frequently asked questions that expectant and birth parents ask when considering adoption. From financial assistance to the rights of your baby’s biological father, we are here to educate you on all that adoption involves, and to help you make the most informed decision possible for both you and your child.

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