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Is Open Adoption Right for You and Your Baby?

At the heart of every adoption plan, whether it be open or closed, lies a child. This is what makes adoption such an admirable act. This is what makes expectant/birth mothers who choose adoption so brave. They desire to give their baby a life beyond what they can realistically provide.

If you are currently considering adoption, you likely also want to give your baby this same gift. Once you decide that it is your most positive choice, your next step will be deciding what kind of plan will be best—an open adoption plan, a semi-open adoption, or a closed one. Remember, there is no wrong way to make this adoption plan. No two people are alike, and each adoption plan is unique.  Only you truly know what will work best for you. Our team of experienced and compassionate adoption professionals will respect your choice, and if you would like, will help you to design a plan that fits all of your individual hopes and needs.

You may have read our recent Guide to Open Adoption, and are considering this kind of adoption as a positive next step—But how will you know if open adoption is right for you?

Open adoptions have become increasingly the norm, and many expectant/birth mothers believe that an open adoption will offer the most positive adoption experience. Research has proven that an open adoption plan truly benefits everyone involved, with 84 percent of adopted persons, 94 percent of adoptive mothers, and 85 percent of adoptive fathers being satisfied with their level of ongoing contact.

Choosing an open adoption is giving your child an irreplaceable gift: identity. Open adoption provides answers to questions your child may have in the future, such as, “What were my biological parents like?” and “Why was I adopted?” Having the opportunity to communicate with you, can allow your child to put all of his or her puzzle pieces together. Children growing up in an open adoption can better understand who they are and where they came from.

While it may be a lot to think about at this time, choosing open adoption also is very beneficial for expectant/birth parents. It allows an expectant/birth mother to take control of her situation and realize her goals. It enables her to remain a part of her child’s life with ongoing communication and updates with your child’s adoptive family. It is this sort of ongoing, open relationship that can allow you to heal and find peace, having that first-hand knowledge that your child is being loved and nurtured.

As you contemplate if open adoption is right for you, try to stay focused on what is in the best interest of your child. Decide what expectations you have for your child, for your adoption plan, and for the future. Stay true to yourself, and what is true in your heart. You may decide that open adoption is too much of a commitment for you at this time, or that choosing an adoptive family for your baby is just too overwhelming. We want you to know that it is okay to make a semi-open or closed adoption plan. Your child will still experience a life of love and devotion beyond placement, no matter what type of plan you choose.

While we find open adoption to be very positive, we understand that it is still not right for everyone. That is why Adoption With Love offers semi-open and closed adoption plans to any expectant/birth parents considering adoption. We will help you design the type of adoption plan that fits your needs, and we will always be available if you want to revisit that plan along the way.

Before you make an adoption plan, we encourage you to educate yourself regarding all options. Download our Guide to Open Adoption or call us for honest advice about the open adoption process. With respect, compassion, and trustworthiness, the birth parent counseling team at Adoptions With Love can help you decide if an open adoption is the best choice for you.


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