• About Us:

      Swarna is a Scientist working on cancer therapy. Arun is a Reliability Engineer in the medical device industry. We live in a Boston suburb with our lovely Siberian husky, Nikan.

    • Our Story

      We met 8 years ago through a common friend and never looked back from there. Not only did we find best friends in each other, but also someone who shared the same values.

    • Our Hobbies

      We are avid hikers and actively enjoy hiking the many 4,000 foot tall mountains in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. In our off time we also enjoy watching Star Wars and Marvel movies.

    • Qualities We See in Each Other

      Arun: Swarna is extremely connected to her feelings, and this is something I’m learning from her. Swarna is a strong, confident woman with a great career in science. She always speaks up for herself and her loved ones. I’m 100% assured that she has got my back. More than anything, her love is boundless, and she shows that all the time. I have no doubt that she will love our child more than anything in this world and will be the greatest mom

      Swarna: In our marriage I would say I am the lucky one. Arun is the most honest and loving human being I have ever met. He is caring and will do anything in his power to make me happy and smile. I always tell him he is so meant to be a dad. I can picture him carrying our child on his shoulder and playing in the park, talking to our child all about space exploration and motor bikes.

    • Our Extended Family

      We have a very caring extended family. Our parents can hardly wait to meet their newest grandchild. Our child will also be showered with love by his or her five older cousins and many aunts and uncles.

    • Our Adoption Story

      Adoption always has been the way we wanted to grow our family. When we met it was as though stars aligned. We both believe it is the love that bonds families together.

    • Special Activities We Look Forward to Doing with Our Child

      We can vividly picture going on camping trips, eating s’mores over a campfire, and hiking beautiful trails with our child.

    • Holiday Gatherings

      When the weather is good our backyard becomes hangout spot in our friend’s circle where we host our summer barbeque parties. We have feasts for Diwali, Thanksgiving and Christmas with our friends and family.

    • Our Home & Neighborhood

      Our home is in a great school district in the Boston area. There are several families with young children around our home. It is a very friendly and accepting neighborhood and we have good relationships with all our neighbors. There is a big park with a lake and walking trail just a 2-minute walk from our home.

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