• About Us:

      Hello, I’m Sarah! I understand that you have a lot of decisions to make right now for yourself and your baby. I have tremendous respect for you for taking the time to look into your options. Being a mother is something I have always desired and it feels natural to be fulfilling my dream through adoption. Originally from CT, I’ve lived in the Boston area for 18 years. I’m a social worker in private practice, which offers me great flexibility while providing me the stability needed to be a mother.

    • Qualities My Loved Ones See in Me

      My loved ones would describe me as kind and thoughtful. It’s important to me to treat others with kindness and I plan to instill the importance of acceptance and generosity in my child. I think that laughter can improve so many moments and can strengthen any bond.

    • My Extended Family

      I have many dedicated friends and relatives to assist me as a solo parent, as I know it truly takes a village to raise a child. My parents are thrilled to be grandparents to my 2-year old niece and my brother and his wife are bursting to meet the newest member of the family. My family lives by the beach, so we spend a lot of time in our bathing suits in the summer!

    • My Adoption Story

      My journey to adoption has come full circle. I became a social worker to work in adoption because my heart has always had a special place for children and adults involved. My career took me in another direction, so it’s no surprise to me that I’m here as a prospective adoptive parent now. I look forward to having a diverse family and I will welcome a child of any race or ethnicity into my heart. I’m hopeful that we can have an open adoption relationship in whatever way feels most comfortable.

    • Special Activities I Look Forward to Doing with My Child

      I can’t wait to start family traditions like making homemade Christmas tree ornaments, dressing up snowmen, and getting creative with birthday themes- the more silly the decorations, the better! I look forward to the day to day activities like snuggly bedtime routines, dance parties in the kitchen, and making forts with blankets to “camp” under together! I love to sing and I can’t wait to watch my child develop his or her own tastes in music and provide them with the opportunity to play an instrument or take dance or art lessons. My love for photography will ensure that life will be well documented!

    • My Home & Neighborhood

      I live just outside of Boston in a building with a swimming pool, a playground, across the street from a bike path for stroller walks and bike rides. My goal is to stay in this area and buy a home to provide him or her with an ongoing sense of community and stability, where he or she knows every day how loved they are by so many.

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